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Lord Monckton Rains on Doha Climate Parade, Is ’De-Badged’ from UN Climate Conference

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(EIRNS)—Britain’s Lord Christopher Monckton was deported from Qatar for declaring the truth about the fraud of climate change at the UN conference on climate change taking place from Nov. 26-Dec. 7 in Doha, Qatar. Lord Monckton made an unscheduled intervention at the conference by taking the chair of Myanmar and speaking into the microphone against UN climate change protocols. Britain’s Daily Telegraph quoted him as saying, "In the 16 years we have been coming to these events there has been no global warming at all.... Even if we were to take action to prevent global warming, the cost would be many times greater than cost of making adaptive measures later. Our recommendation is that we should initiate very quickly a review of the science to make sure that we are all on the right track."

While the Telegraph claimed he was booed, a video of the conference showed no such thing, and he was not removed until they realized he was not the delegate from Myanmar. The UN said that Lord Monckton was escorted out for "violating the UN code of conduct" and "impersonating a party." For telling the truth, he was "de-badged," meaning he no longer has a visa to stay in Qatar, and had 24 hours to leave the country. Speaking afterwards, he said he was acting on the "spur of the moment." "I don’t think it was my turn to talk, but the opportunity presented itself and I took it," he said. "I was very bad—I pressed the button and made a short statement. I know it was bad of me, but I got some brief points across which the delegates probably didn’t expect. They have now taken my badge, but it’s not the end of the world."

Monckton’s intervention was part of a broader intervention by the Committee For A Constructive Tomorrow (CFACT), whose intervention is documented on their website: One of the posted videos shows them interviewing delegates and demonstrating their newly developed "carbon capture mask," which the delegates eagerly tried on for size,— some said they would wear it all the time if it was available!

Another video, which the Telegraph had posted, shows Lord Monckton standing next to a camel that was also sporting a carbon capture mask, as Monckton explained one of the climate frauds that was presented at the conference. The video was available alongside the Telegraph article, but later in the morning the article was removed from the front page! It is very good, and can be seen at this link:

Lord Monckton gave a press conference in which he said that achieving targets to cut carbon emissions will be far more expensive than leaving the world to deal with the consequences of climate change. "CO2 mitigation strategies that are inexpensive enough to be affordable will be ineffective. Strategies costly enough to be effective will be unaffordable," he said. [dea]