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Obama’s Genocide: Two Out of Three Haitians Face Starvation

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(LPAC)—The United Nations’ World Food Program (WFP) is warning that, three years after the 2010 earthquake, at least 6.7 million Haitians cannot meet their daily food needs without assistance from humanitarian and charitable organizations. Another 1.5 million have been classified as "food insecure."

This means that two out of three Haitian citizens face starvation, the legacy of Barack Obama’s criminal refusal to rebuild Haiti the way Lyndon LaRouche proposed in February of 2010. Despite billions of dollars pledged by donors to "build [Haiti] back better," hunger has vastly increased across the nation. In 1997, 1.2 million Haitians didn’t have enough food to eat; in the decade that followed, that number doubled.

Today, Haiti imports 80% of its rice for domestic consumption, and half its food. Thirty years ago, it imported only 19% of its food and produced enough rice to export!

On the southern coast today, malnutrition among children is so rampant, that a town official in Mabriole warned that soon "they will be counting bodies, because malnutrition is ravaging children, youngsters, and babies." Hurricane season, which extends from June to November, has begun, and the WFP is desperately stocking food and emergency supplies in anticipation of disasters that will inevitably ensue, but is in urgent need of $17.2 million to be able to do so with any chance of success, the Associated Press reports. [CRR]