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Obama/London Biofuels Policy Is Killing 250,000 People a Year, Causing Disease and Disability for Millions More

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June 21 (LPAC)—The Obama/London food-for-fuel policy, in the face of severely global grain harvests and reserves, is causing at least 250,000 deaths a year, and afflicting millions more with disease and disability.

This kill rate is a conservative estimate, based on extrapolating from careful calculations done in 2011, using World Health Organization and World Bank data, by Indur M. Goklany, whose article was titled, "Could Biofuel Policies Increase Death and Disease in Developing Countries?" in the Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons (Vol. 16, No. 1, Spring 2011). A press release on the article was headlined, "Biofuels May Kill 200,000 Per Year in the Third World." (Dr. Goklany is a climate researcher, not a physician.)

Goklany did the study in opposition to the wrongful greenie assertion that global warming will kill people, if the world continues fossil fuels, and doesn’t switch to "renewables," such as biofuels. Not true, said Goklany. Biofuels are the killers. He looked at mortality and morbidity from overall impoverishment, in particular from lack of food.

In brief, Goklany’s method combined the following elements:

1) World Health Organization studies "suggest that for every one million people living in absolute poverty in developing countries, there are annually at least 5,270 deaths and 183,000 Diasability-Adjusted Life Years (DALYs) lost to disease."

2) The World Bank estimated that more that 35 million people were pushed into poverty over 2004 to 2010, because of the burden of high food prices, and economic dislocation associated with the increase in biofuel production over those six years.

3) Therefore, these two conditions together "lead to at least 192,000 excess deaths per year, plus disease resulting in the loss of 6.7 million disability-adjusted life-years (DALYS) per year," concluded Goklany. His article presents details of the first and second order factors involved in debilitation and death (malnutrition, infection, sanitation, etc.).

In the two and a half years since this study, the 2010 high rate of U.S. corn-for-ethanol has continued, and worldwide, other forms of biofuels have increased, including cane-sugar gasohol, and oil-crop biodiesel.

The volume of U.S. corn going into biofuels, since Obama took office in 2009, has risen 35 percent, from 94 million tons in 2008, up to 127 mt in 2011. The rate of world impoverishment, amidst inflating food costs—from biofuels and all factors—is high.

Therefore, a conservative linear extrapolation, shows that today’s international death rate from biofuels is in the range of 250,000 people a year.[MGM]