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Will Canada also introduce legislation that cancels the insane policy of biofuels?

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(CRC)—There is a growing revolt in the United States against biofuels. As a recent LaRouchePac press release Take Ethanol Off the Menu! Coalition Launched to Pass Bill To Eliminate Biofuels Mandate indicates, there are now two bills introduced in the United States Congress by Representative Bob Goodlatte (R-Va) to force “the elimination of the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) and corn ethanol mandate” and another bill “which woud prohibit the Administration (currently on the agenda through the Environmental Protection Agency) from mandating the increase of ethanol to 15%.”

5.7% of world grain production goes to biofuels and 10% of vegetable oil production goes to biodiesel. That results in 85 billion litres of ethanol and 15 billion litres of biodiesel worldwide. The United States component is 54 billion litres of ethanol and 1.5 billion litres of biodiesel. Presently 40% of U.S. corn output goes to ethanol. In Canada, 1.8 billion litres of ethanol is produced yearly and 110 million litres of biodiesel. Canadian ethanol is produced from corn and wheat; biodiesel is mostly made from used cooking oil and animal fats although parts of the biodiesel produced comes from soy and canola oil.

While Canadian figures for biofuels seem minuscule compared to world or U.S.A. production figures, nonetheless, that 1.8 billion litres yearly figure for 2010 represents 3.5 million tonnes of corn (30% of total Canadian production) and 1 million tonnes of wheat (4% of total Canadian production). Two thirds of Canadian ethanol comes from Ontario — 2.8 million tonnes of corn (110 million bushels).

Canada has a mandate for 5% ethanol in Canadian gasoline, that figure will continue to increase in the coming years. Canada urgently needs to introduce legislation similar to that of Congressman Goodlatte in the United States.

A spring 2011 article in the Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons discusses the hundreds of thousands of death and the millions more that are affected with disease and disability through the food-for-fuel policy.

The renewable fuels mandates are a hoax. Canada’s energy policy must be based on science not gobbledygook. As for the great majority of Canadian farmers, they will proudly produce food to feed Canadians and people across the world if given the opportunity to produce food outside the control of the international grain cartel and the financial oligarchy’s imposed green agenda [GG]