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Queen Elizabeth’s Depopulation Gang Is Mobilized Under The Banner of ’Global Food Security;’ Tony Blair Will Be in Iowa for World Food Prize Confab

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(EIRNS)—Queen Elizabeth’s goal of drastic depopulation is being shopped into governments, classrooms, charities, churches, farm/food groups, and "public opinion," through a nasty network, using the slogan of "global food security," to police anyone actually trying to change the dead monetarist system, to make way for science and production. A trans-Atlantic "Global Food Security" mobe has been fostered for the past four years, centered in London, Chicago, Washington, D.C., and The Netherlands, to call for more globalization, "Monsanto"-style crop control, peasant-partnering with big business (Wal-Mart, Coca Cola, etc.), women’s rights, and what they call "intensification" of farm production, because water and land must inevitably become more scarce. The premises are global warming, scarce resources, and the necessity to de-populate.

The drive is funded by Monsanto, Unilever, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and others of the cartel networks of the London-Wall Street nexus.

In October, Tony Blair, himself, will be on hand in Iowa, for the colloquy connected to the World Food Prize, which was originally set up by Dr. Norman Borlaug in 1986, but in the last few years was taken over by the Gates depopulation machine. Blair will be joined by, among many others, Warren Buffett’s son Howard, who has cultivated a persona as the caring "farmer."

Among a few other features of the operation:

In London is the "Global Food Security" working group. It is funded in part by the Cameron government, and headed by Prof. Tim Benton, who holds forth that food consumption must be cut so that the scarcity can be shared and, thorugh this, "security" obtained. Last month, Benton asserted that British households should eat "one-third" less.

Meat eating must be drastically cut or eliminated. Cameron in June, with Bill Gates, announced a campaign called, "Enough Food for Everyone, IF" (sic).

In the U.S., the operation is run out of Chicago, where Bill Gates’s funding set up an outfit in 2009 at the Chicago Council on Global Affairs, on agriculture. For the past four years, this group has held each May in Washington, D.C., a "Global Food Security Symposium," and issued reports. Its latest report calls for such measures as the TPP — Trans-Pacific Partnership. And "intensification" of farming, through smart reduction of inputs.

On Sept. 29 in Noordwijkerhout, The Netherlands, the "First International Conference on Global Food Security" is scheduled, funded by the usual Monsanto, Unilever crowd, and run by the Elsevier publications network, which last year started the new journal "Global Food Security," with Gates Foundation and similar figures on its Advisory Board.