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British Admit: Copenhagen Is All About Genocide

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(LPAC)—The official British policy for the Copenhagen conference is now out, in explicit language: Massive population genocide, on a scale that would make Adolf Hitler blush. The London School of Economics, the anchor of the Fabian Gordon Brown government, has produced a study for Copenhagen, released by the British organization Optimum Population Trust (OPT), calling for the reduction of world population by between three to five billion people between now and 2050. This flagrant call for mass extermination is based on the argument that the single greatest cause of global warming is over-population, and that the most "cost-effective" cure for global warming is radical population reduction.

According to a recent OPT study, the so-called global warming crisis can be solved, most cheaply, by reducing the world population by 500 million between now and 2050. Since linear population projections put world population at well-over 9 billion by that date, the proposal to cut back world population to just over 6 billion people, would mean the elimination of 3 billion people. Indeed, an OPT press release, dated March 16, 2009, titled "Earth Heading for 5 Billion Overpopulation?" reported, "Based on ecological footprint and biolgoical capacity data which have become available over the last decade, OPT estimates the world’s sustainable population currently at 5 billion and the U.K.’s at 18 million (the U.K.’s actual current population is 61 million).

"However," the release continued, "these figures are predicated on present levels and patterns of consumption. Greener lifestyles in the U.K. could push up its sustainable population; by contrast, if the world as a whole grows richer and consumes more, this will reduce the planet’s carrying capacity. If present trends continue, by 2050, when the UN projects world population will be 9.1 billion, there will be an estimated 5 billion more people than the Earth can support."

A later OPT report, prepared for Copenhagen, called "Fewer Emitters, Lower Emissions, Less Cost," spelled out London’s solution: Place population reduction at the top of the agenda. OPT "called on climate change negotiators to ensure that population restraint policies are adopted by every state worldwide to combat climate change."

The UNFPA, the United Nations Population Fund, gave its de facto blessing to this mass murder scheme on Nov. 18, when they featured Optimum Population Trust director Roger Martin, as a presenter of the UN’s own "State of World Population 2009" report, a document geared to the now-ongoing Copenhagen conference on global warming. While the UN report, itself, makes the same link between global warming and population growth, it is the OPT study and its "Pop Offsets" program of targeted population reduction in the world’s poorest countries, that defines the true London agenda at Copenhagen. It is the agenda spelled out, repeatedly, by the Royal Consort Prince Philip, for decades: Reduce the world population by 80 percent, create a global feudal dictatorship, eliminating the nation-state system altogether.