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Brown-Nosing for Global Fascism

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(LPAC)—Where British Prime Minister Gordon Brown goes, the rest of the world follows, or so says the London Guardian, which devotes significant attention to pushing Brown’s scheme for a global financial-transaction tax, and other "reforms." The paper notes that within hours of Brown’s call for a crackdown on excessive pay for bankers, the French and German governments were supporting similar measures, and that Goldman Sucks had announced major concessions on pay. The Goldman move, the paper bragged, makes it difficult for other U.S. banks to resist. Similarly, it said, while Brown’s call for a global transaction tax was originally ridiculed, it is now official European Union policy, supported by France and Germany, and gaining steam in the U.S., where it has been endorsed by more than 200 economists and the head of General Electric. Initially presented as a plan to help build a fund to pay for future banking crises, the transaction tax is now being pimped as a way to pay for the cost of fighting global warming. A fight that European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso says is beyond the scope of national budgets. "This is an issue of global governance," Barroso asserts.

Barroso is partially correct. The transactions tax is intended to be a funding mechanism for the new global dictatorship the Anglo-Venetian Empire is pushing under the guise of global warming and financial reform.

This crowd has balls that are bigger than their brains, trying to force through a policy that will destroy the world. A serious case of testicular elephantiasis, observed Lyndon LaRouche.