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A Banquet of Necrophiliacs

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(LPAC)—The UK government has launched a drive to revive the corpse of their imperial, deindustrialization genocide policy, buried in Copenhagen in December 2009 by a China-, India-, and Russia-led defense of national sovereignty. It took three months for the Brits to get up from the beating they received at Copenhagen, but Environment Minister Ed Miliband insisted yesterday that "we’ve got to dust ourselves off and kick-start efforts to get a global deal" by the December Global Climate Change summit in the Mexican resort of Cancun.

Miliband, Prime Minister Gordon Brown, and "Beyond Copenhagen : The UK Government’s International Climate Change Action Plan" released yesterday, all stated that nothing short of a "a legally-binding international agreement" imposing limits on human consumption and production, is acceptable. On that, Miliband said, the British are "uncompromising."

Having gotten nowhere thus far, British Prime Minister Gordon Brown convened the first meeting of the U.N. "High-Level Advisory Climate Finance Group" in London on March 31, bringing in Crown drug-pusher George Soros, Obama’s chief economic controller, Larry Summers, Deutche Bank Group Vice Chair Caoi Koch-Weser, and discredited climate hoaxster Nick Stern, to help corral government officials from ten other countries in coming up with "innovative" schemes to produce $100 billion in funding to pay developing sector countries which agree to kill themselves in the name of "climate." Miliband hyped the meeting as the "most significant climate meeting since Copenhagen." They gave themselves until June to come up with a draft report.

Meanwhile, the Brits are running Mexican preparations for the Cancun summit directly, with delegations going back and forth to London, and constant meetings convened at the UK Embassy in Mexico City. British Ambassador Judith McGregor has been hyper-manic, travelling around Mexico, speaking at numerous seminars, and loudly announcing that the "UK and Mexico" will be the key leaders of the Cancun summit.

Whether enough illusion of a coming supranational treaty can be secured in time to save the carbon-trading market, however, is doubtful. The latest quarterly report of the HSBC Global Climate Change Index complains that investment in this "market" has fallen by nearly a third since Copenhagen rejected said treaty.