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Canada to Build a Nuclear Industrial Park, Increase Cooperation, in China

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(LPAC)—A delegation of 15 Canadian nuclear industry organizations was scheduled to sign a memorandum of understanding today in Haiyan, south of Shanghai, with Chinese counterparts, to build a nuclear industrial park in the region. Zhejiang province is already home to a more-than-$2-billion nuclear manufacturing industry, and is supplying the first domestically designed and built Chinese nuclear power plant at the Qinshan station in Haiyan.

The platform for the new industrial park will be 170 Canadian nuclear companies and 76 Chinese nuclear equipment and services companies, allowing them to cooperate more closely, as reported in today’s China Daily. According to Candu Energy Inc.’s vice president, who spoke with Canada’s Globe and Mail, Canadian industry plans to build on the two Candu reactors in operation at Qinshan, in order to develop improved nuclear reactors with China. From its 21 light water reactors, China produces a steady stream of spent fuel. The new heavy-water Candu design will allow it to run on reprocessed fuel, helping to solve the spent-fuel disposal problem of China’s light water reactors. Candu Energy is also working with Chinese partners to modify its existing model to be more efficient, and to also run on thorium, of which China has vast reserves.

This week, China is hosting its 13th International Nuclear Industry Exhibition, held biennially in Beijing. There are more than 200 exhibitors, from about 40 countries, according to CCTV. Focused principally on show-casing Chinese nuclear technology when the exhibitions began, this year the focus is on promoting international nuclear technology exchanges. [Marsha G Freeman]

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