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Canadian Parliamentarians Still Silent On Very High-Level Control Of International Terrorism By British-Saudi Nexus

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CRC—While the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation did interview former U.S. Senator Bob Graham on October 9 on CBC Radio One’s “Day 6” program with Brent Bambury, and other Canadian media failed to follow the story when Senator Bob Graham gave a press conference on Capitol Hill the very morning that terrorists attacked and killed the Charlie Hebdo personnel in Paris.

At that Washington press conference, that got international coverage, Senator Bob Graham, the co-chairman of the Congressional Joint Inquiry into Intelligence Activities Before and After the Terrorists Attacks of September of 2001, spoke on today’s implications for the United States and the world of not declassifying the missing 28 pages of the inquiry report that he co-authored in 2002 that proved the highest level complicity of the Saudi Kingdom in the 9/11 terrorist acts.

Canadian Parliamentarians have a responsibility to get out the full picture of the high crimes of the Saudi Kingdom, not just the known human rights violations, as in the on-going repression of women and activists in the Saudi Kingdom. Going with side issues such as the recent Journal de Montreal rehash of a 2011 Wikileaks story on Saudi financing of Montreal mosques as recruiting ground for terrorists will not be sufficient to indict Saudi Arabia, and stop the present high-level British-Saudi nexus that is sponsoring terrorism as irregular warfare. If such irregular warfare is permitted to continue unabated, then we will very soon reach a point where general war breaks out. And as Mikhail Gorbachev recently warned the West, we are getting dangerously close to the military deployments of thermonuclear weapons.

The video and full text of Senator Bob Graham’s remarks to the recent Washington press conference was recently sent to all Members of Parliament.

In that package to the Members of Parliament, the Committee for the Republic of Canada also included the text of a recent speech by Executive Intelligence Review’s Jeffrey Steinberg on the notorious Al Yamamah-BAE arms for oil contract which amounted to a $100 billion slush fund for financing international terrorism. [GG]