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London Gave Shelter to Islamic Jihadis, Reports French Terror Expert

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EIRNS—Speaking to the Israeli daily Haaretz, French terrorism expert Gilles Kepel said Britain’s problems in dealing with growing Islamic Jihadi-run terrorism within the country is its own doing. He said within London, or "Londonistan" as he calls it, British authorities "gave shelter to radical Islamist leaders from around the world as a sort of insurance policy against jihadi terrorism. But you know, when you go for dinner with the devil...," Ha’aretz reported.

According to Kepel, Ha’aretz wrote, "the terrorists who struck Britain in the run-up to Thursday’s general election are part of a ’third-generation of jihadists’ following in the footsteps of the first mujahideens who resisted the Soviets in Afghanistan and then ’generation al-Qaeda.’"

Kepel says "Britain has left too much space for its Muslim communities to thrive autonomously, with radical preachers poisoning believers’ minds across the country."He also warned against ignoring the post-colonial legacy when trying to understand jihadi terrorism.

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