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Robert Mueller’s Indictments Change Nothing: His Trump Witchunt Is Based On A British Fraud

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EIRNS—President Trump is about to leave for an Asia trip in which he will have major economic and security meetings with President Xi of China, Prime Minister Abe of Japan, and perhaps with President Putin of Russia. His repeatedly stated policy is that the United States should have good, productive relations with these nations.

That means we are now at the critical point in exposing the history and use of a British intelligence document — the "Steele dossier" — and a legal assassin — Robert Mueller — to try to blackmail Trump into treating Russia and China as the United States’ chief enemies.

Up to now, the British intelligence-originated blackmail, escalating to threats of impeachment, coup, even assassination, has failed to overawe the President’s intention to form cooperative relations of mutual benefit with those great powers. Not only peace in the Middle East and on the Korean Peninsula is involved; but cooperative development of great infrastructure projects, space explorations, new sources of energy, in the United States as well as internationally.

It’s time to escalate to destroy the British dossier and the legal assassin.

Robert Mueller’s first indictments do not change this, even as deliberately and illegally leaked to frighten the children over Hallowe’en weekend. They were expected; they charge events well before President Trump even became a candidate, which don’t involve him; they are attempts to "stun" and intimidate.

More telling are the continuing revelations about the British dossier.

Not only Clintons’s but also Obama’s political committee paid a Washington law firm millions for "legal services" (i.e., deniability) which produced a fraudulent "dossier," a rehash of prior faked claims from British intelligence about Donald Trump and Russians. Not only the dossier, but also the shadowy report on "hacking of DNC computers" was produced through the millions paid this law firm by Clinton and Obama.

Before this was known, Clinton, Obama, and the complicit media treated this British dossier as the smoking gun of the century. After these revelations, the dossier began to be called mere "opposition research " — so tertiary, no Obamacon or Clintonite will admit to knowing they paid millions for it!

But no: This British dossier was used by U.S. intelligence officials James Clapper, John Brennan and James Comey, in a January 6 meeting with President-elect Trump, to try to blackmail him into an anti-Russia — and anti-China — administration. This was what the vainglorious Comey called his "J. Edgar Hoover moment." He deserved to be fired for it, as Hoover should have been fired by the Presidents he blackmailed with his "dossiers."

The blackmail being rejected by Trump, the British dossier then had to be spread through the media, leading soon to the appointment of legal assassin Mueller, to remove Trump and restore London/Wall Street control over the Presidency.

More revelations will soon occur, with the House Intelligence Committee having gotten today the financial records of Fusion GPS, and about to get the FBI’s "Steele file" on how the British dossier was used and who else paid or got paid.

Everything depends on reaching out much further with EIR’s own anti-British dossier, "Robert Mueller Is an Amoral Legal Assassin: He Will Do His Job if You Let Him."

The potential reward is a real new paradigm of policy coming out of the Presidential trip to Asia. The work of a cooperative "Hamiltonian Bank" for infrastructure, joint space exploration and energy crash programs, and the Glass-Steagall reorganization of the banks for production can begin in earnest.

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