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Robert Fisk: Western Hypocrisy in Syria Is Protecting the Criminals of 9/11

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EIRNS—One of the few voices in the Western media against the campaign to demonize the Syrian government is the Independent’s Robert Fisk, who yesterday, published an article entitled "Western Howls of Outrage over the Ghouta Siege Ring Hollow — We Aren’t Likely To Do Anything To Save Civilians." At the outset, Fisk reports that "The first and most important dimension to the siege was a remark by Sergey Lavrov, the Russian foreign minister, who said on Monday that Moscow and the Syrian government ’could deploy [in Ghouta] our experience of freeing Aleppo.’" When noted at all, Lavrov’s statement was taken to be a threat to destroy Eastern Ghouta.

"But the Russians spent many months, along with the Syrians, trying to arrange for the departure of Syrian civilians from eastern Aleppo before it was recaptured; after huge advances into the suburbs by Syrian troops, there was indeed an exodus of the innocent, in which armed opponents of the regime were also permitted to leave," Fisk writes. "What Lavrov has in mind is a similar agreement with the armed rebels of Ghouta." The Russians are trying to do this in Eastern Ghouta, but the "rebels" keep rejecting these efforts, no doubt with the support they’re getting from the West in mind.

As for who the "rebels" actually are, Fisk minces no words. The Nusra fighters in Eastern Ghouta, he writes, "whether or not they have brought pressure on the civilians of the suburbs to stay as ’human shields,’ are part of the original al-Qaeda movement which committed the crimes against humanity in America in 2001 and which have, more often than not, been prepared to cooperate in Syria with Isis, the vicious cult which the U.S., the EU, NATO and Russia (add here all the other usual defenders of civilization) have promised to destroy. Nusrah’s allies are Jaish al-Islam, yet another Islamist group."