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Mediterrarean Port Association Offers Opportunity to Unite Europe, Africa and the New Silk Road

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EIRNS—The first General Assembly of MEDPorts, an association formed in February 2018 by 20 Mediterraean ports and state port agencies, was held on June 29 in Marseille, where MED Ports headquarters is to be established.

According to a brief report in Portugal’s Revista Cargo on July 4, the statement voted up by the General Assembly on MEDPorts’ principal areas of work includes two areas which are crucial for humanity right now. First, promoting cooperation between these ports in order to make the Mediterranean a hub of the international trade expanding from the New Silk Road. Second, reinforcing the Mediterranean ports as key points around which to establish unity between Europe and Africa, as all work together to find efficient and competitive logistical solutions for serving the hinterlands of the ports of both continents. Those solutions necessarily involve rail and road connections, as the hinterland of a port is the area inland from the port to which imports are distributed and from which exports are collected.

Twenty port authorities were present, from 10 countries on both sides of the Mediterranean at the Marseille meeting. These included, among others, the Spanish ports of Algeciras, Barcelona, Tarragona and Valencia; Italy’s Bastia, Civitavecchia, and Venice ports; France’s Toulon and Marseille; Algeria’s Arzew, Bejaia and Skida, with Serport (a grouping of Algerian ports); Morroco’s Tanger MED and stateport agency; Egypt’s Damietta; Slovenia’s Koper; Lebanon’s Beirut; Tunesia’s state Ports of Tunesia; Albania’s state company, Durres; Greece’s Tessalonica.

Other ports and state associations are expected to be joining the association soon.