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Desperate Measures to Stop Trump’s Momentum! Time to Address the Future

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"A Passage from ’Cloak and Dagger, 101A" by Lyndon LaRouche

As the November 6th Midterms loom ever closer, Barbara Boyd, author of LaRouchePAC’s Mueller dossier, will provide an update on where we stand in the ongoing coup against the President of the United States.

It should be obvious that various desperate destabilization actions are underway with amateur pipe bombs and a paid for caravan of desperate people approaching the southern border, both actions aimed at staunching the President’s electoral momentum and continuing the present coup. It is no accident that the New York Times published a fictional account of Trump’s assassination just before pipe bombs began arriving. We expect this to get even wilder in the next days.

What is missing from the picture currently playing in the media and bombarding people’s minds, horribly shrinking them, is the plain fact that we are standing on the very edge of a future which could actually realize what it means to be human. Are you ready to return to the future? After decades of terrible U.S. presidencies, and a world dominated by the British empire’s system of imperial globalization, the prospect of President Trump’s collaboration with Vladimir Putin, Xi Jinping, and Narendra Modi represents the opportunity to revive LaRouche’s call for a New Bretton Woods international monetary system.

Ben Deniston will present the reality that, with this Four Powers commitment to ending the British system of globalization, the leading nations of the world can be freed to collaborate in pursuit of a true future destiny of mankind—the industrialization and colonization of nearby space—as mankind begins his conquest of the Solar System. This will not only fulfill the social and moral need for the creative process, but will ensure the greatest rates of technological and scientific advances, transforming the lives of everyone back home on Earth.