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Fusion-Fission Energy / Énergie de fusion-fission
25 August 2016
Major Advances in Russian Nuclear Reactor Technology
EIRNS —World Nuclear News (WNN) reported Aug. 10 on "a Russian government decree published earlier this month that indicates the country plans to build 11 new nuclear power reactors by 2030 — (...)
24 August 2016
Russia’s Planned New Space Ship Will Upgrade Space Station Cargo Delivery
EIRNS —Russian engineers are finishing the design of a new unmanned space cargo vehicle which will replace the venerable Progress ships that have been delivering supplies to Russian space stations (...)

Space / Espace
30 November 2016
Leap To the Moon!
by Benjamin Deniston The Epoch of Mankind’s Future in Space Has Finally Come “A Solar System Physical Economic Platform” LPAC—What will NASA’s focus be under President Trump? Rather than comment (...)
26 October 2016
In the Shadow of Vernadsky—New Study Underscores Claims that Living Microbial Life was Discovered on Mars in 1976
In 1976 NASA’s two Viking landers successfully touched down on the surface of Mars, becoming the first spacecraft to successfully land and operate on the red planet. While the more recent success (...)
22 March 2016
Africa Now Has Access to Full-Time, High-Quality Remote Sensing Data
EIRNS—At the African Satellite Remote Sensing Conference held last week in Pretoria, South Africa, leading South Africa-based space company, Space Commercial Services Aerospace Group (SCG AG), (...)
31 January 2016
China Is ‘Opening Up’ Its Lunar Missions, Releasing Data and Engaging the Public
PRESS RELEASE EIRNS—China’s Lunar Exploration Program (CLEP) has invited the public to submit proposals, which are due in late March, for a small (less than 10-pound) payload to fly on the (...)



13 September 2017
South Africa Will Manufacture Fuel for Pebble Bed High-Temperature Nuclear Reactors

26 July 2017
Colonizing Space with Fusion Propulsion

4 July 2017
China Successful in Producing Methane from Gas Hydrates on Ocean Floor

16 June 2017
Congo Authorities Urge Chinese and Spanish Bidders to Join in Building the Inga-3 Hydropower Project on the Congo River

14 June 2017
China Hosts International Fusion Symposium, and Accelerates Its Fusion Education Program

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