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Fusion-Fission Energy / Énergie de fusion-fission
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Fusion-Fission Energy / Énergie de fusion-fission
14 January 2018
China and France Inaugurate Joint Fusion Research Centre
EIRNS—On the heels of President Macron’s visit to China last week, the Sino-French joint fusion research center was inaugurated on Jan. 11 in Hefei, which is the site of the Institute of Plasma (...)
2 November 2017
Russia Seeks Increased Participation in Saudi Power and Railroad Sectors
EIRNS—At a meeting of the Intergovernmental Commission of Russia and Saudi Arabia at Riyadh, Russia’s Energy Minister Alexander Novak, who co-chairs the Commission, said the Russian state (...)
25 August 2016
Major Advances in Russian Nuclear Reactor Technology
EIRNS —World Nuclear News (WNN) reported Aug. 10 on "a Russian government decree published earlier this month that indicates the country plans to build 11 new nuclear power reactors by 2030 — (...)
24 August 2016
Russia’s Planned New Space Ship Will Upgrade Space Station Cargo Delivery
EIRNS —Russian engineers are finishing the design of a new unmanned space cargo vehicle which will replace the venerable Progress ships that have been delivering supplies to Russian space stations (...)

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24 October 2018
If Global Warming Hoax Were Debunked, Where Does That Leave Democrats and Other Alarmists?

9 October 2018
Argentine Radar Satellite Is Launched, To Coordinate with Italian Constellation

26 July 2018
Mars Express Radar Indicates a Liquid Lake Under the South Pole

26 July 2018
High Temperature Nuclear Reactors Could Recover Rare Minerals; Predecessor to the Plasma Torch

20 July 2018
Russian Defense Ministry Gives Updates on New Strategic Weapons

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