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Fusion-Fission Energy / Énergie de fusion-fission
5 February 2019
A New Strategic Architecture Requires US-Russia-China Cooperation
LPAC—Heated exchanges between Russian officials and neo-con and neo-lib officials and media in the US, continue to exacerbate tensions between the two nuclear superpowers. Helga Zepp-LaRouche (...)
3 February 2019
Russia’s Foreign Minister Lavrov Tells Putin, ‘All in All, the Situation Is Quite Alarming’
FROM EIR DAILY ALERT EIRNS—In an exchange among Russian President Vladimir Putin, Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, published on the Kremlin website over the (...)
19 January 2019
  Brits Panic grows—Will Trump’s Missile Defense Plan Become LaRouche and Reagan’s SDI?
SI—While one of the Empire’s favorite leak sheets, Buzzfeed, exposed itself with its latest lying story targeting President Trump, he opened the prospect that LaRouche’s design for the SDI might be (...)
19 January 2019
The SDI Is Back — if We Make It LaRouche’s SDI, Through New Physical Principles and Cooperation With Russia
EIRNS—President Trump went to the Pentagon Thursday to announce the release of a new Missile Defense Review, the first since 2010. The report includes expanded sensors and beefed up ground based (...)
7 January 2019
  China’s Breakthrough for Humanity — Chang’e 4 Lands on Far Side of Moon
LPAC—World history changed on January 3rd when China successfully landed a their Chang’e 4 craft on the far side of the Moon, a feat not accomplished by any other nation. The breakthrough is (...)
4 January 2019
Indian Pressurized Heavy Water Reactor Sets a Record for Continuous Run
EIRNS—On Dec 10, one of India’s indigenously-designed and built pressurized heavy water reactor (PHWR), Kaiga 1, located in the southern state of Karnataka, broke the record for running (...)
1 January 2019
Two ’Sputniks of 2019’: What Will America Do?
The new year begins with the United States facing scientific and technological surprises from two great nations at once. Russia has tested and begun to deploy hypersonic weapons, against which, (...)
1 January 2019
China’s Chang’e 4 spacecraft to try historic landing on far side of moon ‘between January 1 and 3’
By William Zheng South China Morning Post—China’s space agency said its control centre in Beijing would choose a suitable time to try the landing, but the Smithsonian Institution, the American (...)
8 December 2018
China’s Space Launch to Dark Side of the Moon— Kesha Rogers: ’The New Sputnik-Chang’e-4 Shock!’
EIRNS—In the early morning hours of December 8, China sent a spacecraft into Earth orbit that will make history early next year when it lands on the far side of the Moon. As the U.S. website (...)
17 December 2018
How Soon Will Humans Be Back on the Moon? U.S. Official Says China Will Be First
FROM EIR DAILY ALERT EIRNS—Undersecretary of Defense for Science and Technology Michael Griffin, a former NASA Administrator, is quoted forecasting that China has the ability to be first to (...)
2 December 2018
China and Europe Will Explore the Moon Together
EIRNS — The China National Space Addministration (CNSA) and European Space Agency (ESA) are planning their lunar research programs together. On Nov. 29 they put out ajoint request for information (...)

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17 April 2019
President Putin Celebrates Cosmonautics Day, Exhorts Youth To Reach ‘Ambitious Goals’

11 April 2019
World’s First Floating Nuclear Power Plant To Produce Power by Year End in Far East Russia

8 April 2019
The NASA Mission in Context — Commence the Era of LaRouche

27 March 2019

5 February 2019
A New Strategic Architecture Requires US-Russia-China Cooperation

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