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11 January 2018
China’s ’Silk Road Spirit’ Inspires France’s Macron: Will it Reach Berlin and Brussels?
In opening a three-day visit to China, French President Emmanuel Macron declared that, with the reinvention of the ancient Silk Road, which he called a “treasure of civilization,” China “has (...)
4 January 2018
End Geopolitics, Adopt LaRouche’s Four Laws for Peace between Russia, China & the US
In a New Year’s greeting, Schiller Institute President Helga Zepp LaRouche concluded a summary of the outstanding issues to be addressed immediately in the New Year by stating that there is (...)
20 December 2017
  No.11 class - LaRouche’s Economics Class Series Wrap-Up
LaRouche’s Economics Class Series Wrap-Up Return to Activities / Intervention for previous Classes
13 December 2017
  no.10 Class Inside the Creative Mind: Metaphor
Welcome to the tenth class in our 2017 Economic Class series!. How does a new idea arise in the mind? Is this something Artificial Intelligence can achieve? Can a complex logical system recreate (...)
6 December 2017
  no. 9 Class: Science Driver Principle
Welcome to the ninth class in our 2017 Economic Class series!. Fundamental scientific discovery comes before the technologies based on that scientific insight, making scientific revolutions an (...)
29 novembre 2017
no. 8 Class : Making it Happen : Money vs. Credit
Welcome to the eighth class in our 2017 Economic Class series ! Register for archive classes, homework and access to teachers here. Now that we have covered scientific and technological (...)
15 November 2017
  no.7 class: The True Meaning of Infrastructure: Physical Economic Platforms
Welcome to the seventh class in our 2017 Economic Class series! Register for archive classes, homework and access to teachers here. Tonight’s class will be streamed live at 8:00 pm eastern, with (...)
8 November 2017
no 6 class: LaRouche’s Physical Economic Metrics, Part II: How to Define Value
With some basic insights into the mathematical issues involved in the LaRouche-Riemann method, we can now return to LaRouche’s physical economic metrics. How do you measure value? Is the value of (...)
1 November 2017
  no.5 class: Bernhard Riemann and the Shape of Economic Space
Welcome to the fifth class in our 2017 Economic Class series, investigating Lyndon LaRouche’s method of economic forecasting. Today’s class will be streamed live at 7:30 pm eastern with live (...)
25 October 2017
  no.4 class: Qualitative Change: What Number Cannot Measure
Welcome to the fourth class in our 2017 Economic Class series, investigating Lyndon LaRouche’s method of economic forecasting. Today’s class will be streamed live at 1:00 pm eastern with live (...)
24 octobre 2017
Réussir une coopération gagnante-gagnante avec la Chine
Séminaire de l’Institut Schiller et de l’Académie de géopolique de Paris : Les Nouvelles Routes de la soie, une occasion pour « rajeunir » l’Occident L’Institut Schiller, en tandem avec l’Académie de (...)
24 October 2017
Achieving a win-win cooperation with China
At the conference organized in Clichy (Paris) on October 24th 2017, international Schiller Institute’s President Helga Zepp-LaRouche defended the Chinese model of win-win cooperation championed by (...)
18 October 2017
  no.3 class: Physical Chemistry: Stages of Development
Welcome to the third class in our 2017 Economic Class series, investigating Lyndon LaRouche’s method of economic forecasting. Building on the concept of the productive powers of labour, we cover (...)
11 October 2017
  no.2 class: LaRouche’s Physical Economic Metrics, Part I: Productive Powers of Labour vs Jobs
Welcome to Part Two of our economic series examining Lyndon LaRouche’s economic forecasting method, lead by three members of his Scientific Research Team. This week—How do you measure the growth (...)
4 October 2017
  no.1 class: LaRouche’s Science of Economics is the Basis for US Joining the New Paradigm
Welcome to the first class in LPAC’s 2017 Economic Class series highlighting Lyndon LaRouche’s method of economic forecasting streaming live on this website each Wednesday evening through December (...)
5 October 2017
  Fireside Chat with Barbara Boyd, October 5, 2017
Join us at 9pm EDT for a discussion with Barbara Boyd of LaRouchePAC, author of the dossier, "Robert Mueller Is an Amoral Legal Assassin: He Will Do His Job If You Let Him". Read it (...)
6 October 2017
  Stop Saudi Genocidal War in Yemen: Interview with Fouad Alghaffari
LaRouchePAC conducted an exclusive interview with Fouad Alghaffari, chairman of the Yemeni Advisory Office for Coordination with the BRICS, who has been actively promoting the ideas of the (...)
9 September 2017
Conférence Internet Conference, Now
  Who’s Trying To Destroy The Presidency of the United States And Start A World War With Russia?
CLICK ON THE PICTURE to Access the Conference "The ’Russian Hack’ Inside Job: Who’s Trying To Destroy The Presidency And Start A World War With Russia? " Featuring William Binney and Ray (...)
6 September 2017
Classical Culture vs. ’Bread and Circus’ Culture:
A Life or Death Question
CONFERENCE INVITATION SUNDAY September 10, 2017 ATWATER Library 1200 Atwater Ave., Montreal (South of Saint-Catherine Street) 14H30 - 18H00 The world is now at a crossroads. Either (...)
27 August 2017
  Manhattan Town Hall: Revive Hamilton’s American System and Presidency Through LaRouche’s Four Laws!
LPAC—The United States needs a national purpose, a joint mission for the future for all of its people. That mission must be nothing less than that proposed by economist Lyndon LaRouche in his Four (...)
14 août 2017
  LaRouchepac Monday Update
LPAC—Your host Matthew Ogden join by Alicia Ceritani one of the LaRouchepac Editor and special guest, Mike Billington from Executive Intelligence Review magazine. Sign the Petition (...)
31 July 2017
BREAKING: Lyndon LaRouche—Crush the British Coup Against the President
LPAC—Lyndon LaRouche, speaking about the implications flowing from a Memorandum released last week by the Veterans Intelligence Professionals for Sanity, and the Russian sanctions bill passed by (...)
16 July 2017
‘Put This International Organization Into a Campaign Mode, Like You’ve Never Seen It Before!’
EDITORIAL EIR—Let us be very clear, crystal clear, as to what constitutes the nature of the current strategic situation—and what that means for all of us. Helga Zepp-LaRouche led a (...)
21 May 2017
  Life is Short, but Art is Long
Lecture by Fred Haight The role of Classical music. The case of Brahms, Dvorak and their collaborators to use the discoveries of Bach, Mozart and Beethoven, to establish a new school of (...)
2 May 2017
Schiller Institute Conference in New York – April 13-14, 2017
U.S.-China Cooperation on the Belt & Road Initiative
The Schiller Institute hosts a two-day conference in NYC April 13-14 on the future of U.S.-China relations in respect to the Belt and Road Initiative,. Helga Zepp-LaRouche keynotes the (...)
26 March 2017
  Lecture Series part 3: Introduction to Motivic Thorough Composition presented by Fred Haight
An introduction to the concept of Motivic thorough composition as it was discovered and applied by Haydn, Mozart and Beethoven - all of whom paid homage to the scientific revolution of J.S. Bach (...)
11 March 2017
Schiller Institute diplomatic forum in Ottawa
  The United States and Canada Must Join the New Silk Road
On March 9, 2017 at a Schiller Institute diplomatic forum in Ottawa, Michael Billington, EIR Asia Desk gave a comprehensive overview of the options available to avert the near term threat of a (...)
4 March 2017
  Discovering LaRouche’s Method: A New York Class Series on Economics
The crisis facing especially the future of the United States, and the possibilities opened by the global revolt against the British System, require the creation of a real leadership in the (...)


10 February 2017
In Memoriam Denis Tremblay

27 January 2017
’What Does Classical Music have to do with the Future?’

4 August 2016
  Helga Zepp-LaRouche: The New Silk Road Becomes the World Silk Road

5 June 2016
  What is Beautiful Art and Is there a Purpose to which we Seek it Out?

30 January 2016
The World Has Entered the New BRICS Era

22 décembre 2015
  À la croisée des chemins : effondrement de civilisation ou révolution scientifique

8 août 2015
  Jacques Cheminade et Ben Deniston s’adressent à Montréal

10 May 2015
Montreal Conference
  LPAC Science Reseach Team Jason Ross on the water crisis and Promethean economics

1 March 2015
Montreal Conference
  How To Defeat The Zeus Option for General Depopulation of the Planet

7 February 2015
  Ukranian Anti-War Rally

31 January 2015
Conference in Montreal
  LaRouche and the BRICS: a new mass movement for economic development

16 December 2014
  Ottawa Diplomatic Briefing- The New Silk Road Becomes the World Landbridge

2 décembre 2014
  Alexander Hamilton et le Système Américain d’économie politique
Partie 1, Partie 2, Partie 3

30 November 2014
  Montreal Conference Proceedings-30 Nov. 2014

2 November 2014
Proceedings from November 2 Montreal Conference
  New Dark age or New Renaissance? Navigating through a world in Crisis

19 octobre 2014
AUDIO : Faire la guerre au virus Ebola

29 August 2014
Conference, Vancouver BC
  The Coming Trans-Pacific Fusion Economy

25 août 2014
  Introduction aux principes de l’Économie physique ou la méthode LaRouche-Riemann.

1 August 2014
  Ottawa Diplomatic Meeting- August 1, 2014 Keynote by Jeff Steinberg

7 June 2014
  70 years since D-Day - Learning from Franklin Delano Roosevelt
Tony Chaitkin Presentation

22 mars 2014
  La science du NAWAPA pour combattre les déserts

26 février 2014
  Conférence sur la défense et la sécurité à Ottawa 2014

26 February 2014
  Report on Ottawa Defence and Security Conference 2014

26 February 2014
  On The Ground: Liberal Party Biennial Convention 2014 in Montréal

29 décembre 2013
  Présentation : lettres sur l’éducation esthétique de l’homme de Friedrich Schiller

2 December 2013
  On JFK’s Legacy (50 years later)

17 November 2013
  The Solidarity of the Treaty of Westphalia

3 November 2013
    Public Meeting in Vancouver, BC, with Dr. Tim Ball

4 July 2013
Schiller Institute International Conference June 29, 2013
  The role of the NAWAPA Project for Canada and the United States in the coming Renaissance

15 April 2013
  On the Ground Report at the NDP Convention 2013

23 January 2013
  Music and Creativity.

26 mai 2012
    NAWAPA et L’ingénierie biosphérique

20 June 2011
    International Space Mining Sciences Symposium in Ottawa