Strategic Defence / Défense stratégique

24 March 2013
The International Schiller Institute Conference
  The 30th Anniversary of the Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI)
The 30th anniversary of the Strategic Defence Initiative (SDI) and with the aim of establishing a Strategic Defence of Earth (SDE) Clik To Watch
15 September 2012
  LPAC Basement Team Presents at 4th International Specialized Symposium: Space & Global Security of Humanity
Two members of the LaRouchePAC “Basement” research team participated in the IGMASS-sponsored Fourth International Specialized Symposium: Space and Global Security of Humanity, in Yevpatoria, (...)


17 July 2014
  MDA, Canadian scientists will use OLA laser system to map asteroid Bennu

29 May 2013
  Earth from Space

14 February 2013
  Update: Asteroid 2012 DA14 Flyby

26 septembre 2012
  Conférence d’Eupatoria : l’Initiative de défense terrestre, vecteur d’une reprise économique mondiale

5 September 2012
  Strategic Defence from Extinction

4 May 2012
  Update: Defence of Earth

25 April 2012
  Dr. Claudio Maccone on Space Defence

12 March 2012
Post-Schiller Institute Conference 2012
  Interview with Professor Sergei Pulinets

9 décembre 2011
  Contre la guerre, l’Initiative de défense de la Terre

2 December 2011
  Strategic Defence of Humanity

8 November 2011
  Solar Flares, Asteroids, and Why The World Needs More People

21 October 2011
  The SDE & Real Strategic Defence

4 August 2011
  Satellites: Defending our Extended Sensorium

19 April 2011
  Earthquake Precursor Interview with Yasuhide Hobara

18 April 2011
  One Precursor Isn’t Enough: An Interview with Professor Biagi

13 April 2011
  LPAC Weekly Report
discussion on Pr. Pulinets’ interview on earthquake precursors

11 April 2011
  Sergey Pulinets: A Multi-Parameter Approach to Earthquake Forecasting

7 April 2011
  The Shocking Rise in Great Quakes

2 April 2011
  Japan Quake Forecasted? Italian Earthquake Expert

20 mars 2011
  La ceinture de feu II : alerte au tremblement de terre

20 March 2011
  The Rim of Fire II : Earthquake Warning

15 March 2011
  The Rim of Fire

15 mars 2011
  La ceinture de feu

11 mars 2011
Arrière plan
    Quand la terre tremble

22 avril 2010
  Histoire de l’Initiative de défense stratégique de LaRouche

30 janvier 2010
Arrière plan
  La Tectonique des Plaques

17 October 2008
  A Brief History of Lyndon LaRouche’s Strategic Defence Initiative