Strategic Defence / Défense stratégique

6 July 2018
Russia Bring Satellite Jammer and Stealth Fighters On Line
EIRNS—The panoply of new weapons systems that the Russians, from President Vladimir Putin on down, have been touting, includes one that has not received a lot of attention but could be as (...)
24 March 2013
The International Schiller Institute Conference
  The 30th Anniversary of the Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI)
The 30th anniversary of the Strategic Defence Initiative (SDI) and with the aim of establishing a Strategic Defence of Earth (SDE) Clik To Watch
15 February 2013
Planetary Defence: The Energy-Flux Density Factor
by Benjamin Laurence Deniston Mankind is battling an array of natural disasters which continually pose a threat to life on this planet. Thanks to advancements in satellites and weather (...)
18 March 2013
Russia’s Offer to The U.S. On Missile Defence and Scientific Cooperation in Space: A Timeline
The first publicized offer from the Russian government for revival of the idea of Strategic Defence cooperation between it and the U.S., came from President Boris Yeltsin, in his visit with Bill (...)
15 September 2012
  LPAC Basement Team Presents at 4th International Specialized Symposium: Space & Global Security of Humanity
Two members of the LaRouchePAC “Basement” research team participated in the IGMASS-sponsored Fourth International Specialized Symposium: Space and Global Security of Humanity, in Yevpatoria, (...)


20 October 2014
Comet Siding Spring flew past Mars

28 July 2014
Scientists will get a close-up look at a Comet, from Mars

17 July 2014
  MDA, Canadian scientists will use OLA laser system to map asteroid Bennu

4 April 2014
China To Launch Earthquake-Forecasting Satellite in 2016, as Pacific Rim of Fire Becomes More Active

4 February 2014
International Space Agencies Group Formed for Defence of Earth

16 November 2013
  RADARSAT 2 part of the International Charter on Space and Major Disasters satellites activated to assist in the Philippines relief efforts

9 November 2013
China Concurs ’We Need New Technology Development To Detect’ and Protect Against Space Objects

29 May 2013
  Earth from Space

17 March 2013
Defence of Earth Requires Appropriate, Serious Funding, Say Russian Space

2 March 2013
Cosmic Strike Disables Curiosity’s Main Computer, Delaying Science

1 March 2013
Japanese-German Asteroids Research Mission

27 February 2013
Mission To Deflect Asteroid Set for 2022

27 February 2013
Meteorite Probably Collided with Another Space Object Before It Hit Chelyabinsk, Says Russian Scientist

25 February 2013
  Canada to launch Near-Earth Object Surveillance Satellite

20 February 2013
Increased Momentum in Europe for Defence of Earth

20 February 2013
California Scientists Promote Directed-Energy to Protect Against Objects Hitting Earth, Their ’DESTAR’ Concept — Recall the SDI?

20 February 2013
Russian Meteorite Spurs Interest in Geo-Space History — U.S. Midwest Phenomena Show Impact of Ordovician Mega-Event?

14 February 2013
  Update: Asteroid 2012 DA14 Flyby

17 December 2012
China’s Probe Chang’e 2 Did a Fly-By of Asteroid Toutatis, in Deep Space

17 December 2012
This Week’s Asteroid Toutatis Passing Earth Spotlights Question of Planetary Defense; UN Conference Set For February 2013

24 September 2012
IGMASS: Towards International Collaboration in the Defense of Mankind

5 September 2012
  Strategic Defence from Extinction

4 May 2012
  Update: Defence of Earth

27 April 2012
Roscosmos Official Calls for New Program Against Asteroid and Comet Threat

25 April 2012
  Dr. Claudio Maccone on Space Defence

12 March 2012
Post-Schiller Institute Conference 2012
  Interview with Professor Sergei Pulinets

4 March 2012
  Strategic Defence of the Earth raised at the Press Conference of the Heads of the Space Agencies meeting in Quebec City

2 March 2012
Monster Tornado Storm Ripped Through American Farmbelt

28 January 2012
International Asteroid Protection Research Project Launched

23 January 2012
Planetary Defence: An Extraterrestrial Imperative

2 December 2011
  Strategic Defence of Humanity

8 November 2011
  Solar Flares, Asteroids, and Why The World Needs More People

21 October 2011
  The SDE & Real Strategic Defence

4 August 2011
  Satellites: Defending our Extended Sensorium

19 April 2011
  Earthquake Precursor Interview with Yasuhide Hobara

18 April 2011
"Dr. Robert Geller Set Science Back By Ten Years"

18 April 2011
  One Precursor Isn’t Enough: An Interview with Professor Biagi

13 April 2011
  LPAC Weekly Report
discussion on Pr. Pulinets’ interview on earthquake precursors

11 April 2011
  Sergey Pulinets: A Multi-Parameter Approach to Earthquake Forecasting

7 April 2011
  The Shocking Rise in Great Quakes

2 April 2011
  Japan Quake Forecasted? Italian Earthquake Expert

1 April 2011
Tsunami Victims and Damages Can Be Avoided, Says Italian Scientist to EIR

31 March 2011
Haiti Case Study for "Rim of Fire" Mobilization

30 March 2011
Hitlerite Big Lies about Fukushima: What’s the Truth?

30 March 2011
Dutch Scientists Propose Global System of Quake Warning Probes

27 March 2011
Are We Within Sight of Being Able To Predict Earthquakes? What Will It Take To Do That?

25 March 2011
State Geology Experts Warn of Earthquake Dangers

24 March 2011
Is the Cascadia Subduction Zone About to Blow?

24 March 2011
Russian Academy Scientist Points To Solar/Lunar Role in Japan Quake

24 March 2011
Rim of Fire: Repeat Event Still Threatens Japan, As Well

20 March 2011
  The Rim of Fire II : Earthquake Warning

15 March 2011
  The Rim of Fire

11 March 2011
Japan: Fearing Nothing But Fear Itself
Statement issued by Jacques Cheminade, President of Solidarité et Progrès

17 October 2008
  A Brief History of Lyndon LaRouche’s Strategic Defence Initiative