Arctic Development / Développement de l'Arctique

15 March 2017
China Building Up Port in Murmansk; Developing the Northern Sea Route Through the Arctic
EIRNS—China is investing $300 million to build up the port in Murmansk, the city on the Arctic at the far northwestern corner of Russia. China’s Poly Group Corp., according to Global Times (...)
3 September 2013
The Pacific Development Corridor: Maglev Through The Bering Strait
The Pacific Development Corridor: Maglev Through The Bering Strait This article is being released as part of a package of articles, published by 21st Century Science and Technology Magazine, on (...)
12 décembre 2012
  Londres-Washington, D.C. en train par le tunnel sous le détroit de Béring
Le Conseil russe pour l’étude des forces productives, une institution formée conjointement par l’Académie russe des sciences et le ministère russe pour le Développement économique, a produit une vidéo (...)
11 December 2012
Russia’s Council for the Study of Productive Forces
  The Bering Strait Tunnel project
Video presented by Russia’s Council for the Study of Productive Forces, a joint institution of the Russian Academy of Sciences and the Russian Ministry of Economic Development — at the Shanghai (...)
17 November 2013
  THE ARCTIC - A Northern Vision for the 21st Century
Vol 3 no.10
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12 January 2012
Economics for the Future of Mankind: Self-Developing Systems and Arctic Development
Vol 2 no.2
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14 October 2011
  Infrastructure Corridors Will Transform Economy
by Richard Freeman and Dr. Hal Cooper For PDF Format, Click here (EIR)-The adoption and construction of the Bering Strait rail and tunnel project is the focus of a Schiller Institute (...)
10 October 2010
North America
  The Extended NAWAPA: Arctic Development
As was presented elsewhere on this website, the NAWAPA program, if seen correctly, represents the choice to take responsibility for the destiny of all life on Earth, and it is a foretaste of what (...)
10 octobre 2010
L’étendue du projet NAWAPA dans le développement de l’Arctique
2 December 2011
  Breaking the Ice on Arctic Development
Michelle Fuchs reports on a potential global perspective for Arctic Development. An update on Russia’s planned Arctic City, dubbed "Umka" and the planned expansion of Ireland’s River Shannon (...)
4 January 2012
First English Translation:
On the Exploration of the Arctic Ocean
by Dmitri I. Mendeleyev
The author of this memorandum, Russian scientist Dmitri Ivanovich Mendeleyev (1834-1907), is most famous for his discovery of the Periodic Table of Chemical Elements. His contributions to science (...)
8 February 2012
  Window to Space
Any planetary recovery must necessarily begin by examining the economic principles which underlie the difference between a successful and unsuccessful economic policy. In particular, we must (...)
12 March 2012
Schiller Institute Conference 2012
  Man in the Arctic - but how?
Ulf Sandmark-Sweeden
Man in the Arctic - but how? Have you heard about the international research expedition into the Canadian Arctic Sea, where the Russians participants brought maps over the area, that were (...)
23 mars 2012
Conférence de l’Institut Schiller 2012
  L’Arctique, eldorado ou projet commun de l’humanité ?
Présentation d’Ulf Sandmark à la conférence de l’ Institut Schiller à Berlin, les 25-26 février 2012. Avez-vous entendu parler de l’expédition scientifique internationale qui eut lieu dans la mer (...)


1 June 2017
Chinese Interest in Arctic ’Silk Road on Ice’

15 March 2017
China Building Up Port in Murmansk; Developing the Northern Sea Route Through the Arctic

30 juillet 2014
Centrales nucléaires flottantes : la Russie et la Chine renforcent leur coopération

27 April 2014
  Sanctions against Russia Will Not Stop International Cooperation in Arctic Development.

17 octobre 2013
  Le 3e forum international de l’Arctique propose des mesures sécuritaires afin d’accélérer l’exploration gazière dans l’Arctique

3 September 2013
The Pacific Development Corridor: Maglev Through The Bering Strait

29 May 2013
Russia Considering Permanent Arctic Research Base

16 May 2013
  Under Canada’s chairmanship of the Arctic Council, China is finally granted Permanent Observer Status

14 May 2013
  Canada’s Aglukkaq Chairmanship of Arctic Council Means Business

30 November 2012
Pacific Nations Take Advantage of Arctic Sea Routes

2 November 2012
  The Port of Churchill set to increase oil exports

28 October 2012
Vast, Tenfold Increase in Arctic Transport Route

24 September 2012
Russia Prepares To Develop the Arctic As Earth’s Next Great Project

20 August 2012
First Chinese Ship Sails the Arctic

2 March 2012
Russia Expands Its Infrastructure in the Arctic

17 février 2012
Développement de l’Arctique :
Eldorado ou clé pour la paix mondiale ?

1 February 2012
Putin and Shoygu Call for ’Siberian Breakthrough’

27 janvier 2012
Igor Ivanov appelle à une coopération américano-russe dans l’Arctique

25 January 2012
Senior Russian Figure Igor Ivanov Calls for U.S.-Russian Cooperation in the Arctic

25 January 2012
  Sixth Arctic Frontiers Conference, in Norway This Week

6 January 2012
Sweden and Finland Test the Waters,May Join Efforts of Norway, Russia

3 January 2012
Self-Developing Systems and Arctic Development: Economics for the Future of Mankind
by Michelle Fuchs

31 December 2011
Vernadsky on Arctic Ice

29 November 2011
  Questions from our international audience on Arctic Development

6 October 2011
Canada: ’From Sea to Sea to Sea’

4 October 2011
  ’North to the Future: Trans-Arctic Sea Routes’

3 October 2011
Alaska Lt. Governor Lauds Russian Plans for Joint Arctic Development

22 December 2010
Montreal NAWAPA Conference 2010
    Arctic Development

23 mars 2010
L’impératif arctique