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1. Glass-Steagall

Bring back the separation between the commercial banks who are responsible for protecting the population's savings and pensions for their directed purpose of serving as credit to grow society. Such a separation will act as a firewall to protect the people's credit from being controlled and looted by investment banks under the control of international bankers, and serve the people, rather than people being forced to hopelessly serve the Gods of Lucre.

In Canada, this reform begins with the restoration of the Four Pillars of Banking (LINK), taken down in a series of waves beginning in 1987 in order to make way for NAFTA.

*Immediately, the bankruptcy of the international Anglo-Dutch financial empire will be forced, as they have proven themselves of having no means of bailing out their own bankrupt system as the failure of government bail-outs have proven, and the incoming bail-in chillingly fore-warns. In this situation, if banks cannot force nations to pay for their losses, by intimidating them into imposing bone crushing austerity to draw more blood from the population and its production, then they are bankrupt. This international system of investment banking depends on the looting of nations and the denial of industrial and scientific progress, to keep their speculative casino going. Were a nation to take up actions to put up safe-guards to prevent this, the empire would not be able to do anything to stop them.

Now the looting has reached a point of total unbridled fascism; the obligations these institutions are required to pay is such that the kind of looting and austerity demanded reaches a point where it can only be done by intentional genocide of nations and their people, to keep their casino system afloat. The financial oligarchy who runs this system will go to any lengths necessary to try and preserve their system, as the many tragedies in history have shown, including mass starvation and wars, including the launching of nuclear war, as the deadly specter hangs over civilization now. The real question is: Do the representatives and citizens of Canada have the moral courage to act and join with the Committee for the Republic of Canada and the International LaRouche Movement to cancel the empire's dead system? *

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2. National Banking and the New Bretton Woods

A new National bank of Canada must be created with the purpose of issuing public credit to re-capitalize commercial banks and directly fund large scale development projects for infrastructure and science. This will spark a geometrical increase in the credit available for the development of what society needs to evolve. This system of National Banking functions must be combined with an emergency conference for a New Bretton Woods, similar in effect to that laid out by Franklin Roosevelt in 1944. The basis of this system must be formed around a fixed exchange rate credit system (vs. The current post-1971 floating exchange rate monetarist system) which forces national credit to be tied, once more, to the future increase of society's productive powers of labour.

* Canada will have the sovereignty to act on its own, outside the jurisdiction of international merchant banks who are intent on preventing Humanity from developing, thus having full power over the financial policy of nations through cartelized financial control.*

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3. Thermonuclear NAWAPA XXI

A new national bank will afford North Americans the ability to mobilize the needed resources for building the North American Water and Power Alliance (NAWAPA XXI) as the great project for the 21st century to put tens of millions of people into productive high technology jobs; re-animating our industry and manufacturing power which has been destroyed by globalization; and mobilizing our continental water cycles as a vital resource for the next generations. The 21st Century upgraded design for NAWAPA now incorporates a crash program for Fusion power utilizing Helium-3 mined from the moon. This program will uniquely serve to uplift mankind into a state of self-defining his species' existence as one based upon resource creation instead merely resource consumption.

* The current extreme droughts ravaging the southern part of North America in places like Texas, California, and Northern Mexico demand action, and action now for the welfare of all of North America. Due in part to changing solar cycles, and because of the neglect and overtaking of agriculture by policies of speculation and free trade, these droughts, which will spread, carry the force with them to collapse the North American civilization as they grow. That is, we have reached a point of disintegration where the collapse of farming in the US alone, though it is happening in other parts as well, if not stopped, will cause mass starvation across the continent. Canada will have no chance of survival under the weight of a starved North America.

The industrial and manufacturing base of the international economy, which represented the productive middle class, will be revived with this program, and with that the values of a productive and creative society. This productive and creative society is one which cannot believe that value is created by speculating on derivatives, or found in some material object like gold. This creative society which we can once again become believes in the power of developing the minds of our people, which makes a society happy and creative, as opposed to the consumer cult of globalization which has no identity beyond what they consume.*

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Who we are / Qui nous sommes 
Open Letter to Canadians
Lettre ouverte aux Canadiens

"To be both a patriot of one's nation and a world citizen."
- Friedrich Schiller

Now we must mobilize to defeat the British financial empire. These are indeed "times that try men's souls." Many nations on this planet have already fallen into chaos. Many others, including Canada, are threatened in the short-term with shutting down and ceasing functioning as efficient nation-states as a result of the acceleration of the world's economic breakdown crisis.

What is the thinking citizen to do in such a situation?

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" Être à la fois patriote et citoyen du monde. "
- Friedrich Schiller

Maintenant, nous devons déclarer la guerre à l'Empire financier britannique.

Nous vivons " une époque qui met à l'épreuve l'âme des hommes ". Plusieurs nations ont déjà sombré dans le chaos. D'autres, y compris le Canada, voient leur économie physique se désagréger de plus en plus vite au point de devenir bientôt ingouvernable dans les conditions constitutionnelles normales.

Devant une telle situation, faut-il encore faire confiance aux pronostics d'une prochaine reprise économique, annoncée par ceux-là même qui n'ont pas vu venir la tempête ?

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The Committee for the Republic of Canada
Le Comité pour la République du Canada

The Committee for the Commonwealth (Republic) of Canada was founded in October 1983. It is defined by its Rules and Statutes as a voluntary association of people living in Canada who adhere to the outlook of natural law and republican law.

Already in late 1981, the future founders of the Committee for the Republic of Canada were dedicated on principle to "giving to Canada something of great value to its present persons and their posterity. It was then our informed conviction, premised upon as intensive a collaborative reflection upon history as has been undertaken during this century that our proposal made to Lyndon LaRouche to consider writing a draft of a national constitution for Canada could potentially represent a new beacon of hope for mankind: "That it would be within the power of the people of Canada to fashion themselves into such a beacon of hope, to establish a living example which other peoples and nations may emulate in some fashion appropriate to their own problems, development and other circumstances."

The objective of the Committee, in accord with the principles of law enunciated in the above mentioned proposal for a Draft Constitution of the Commonwealth of Canada, is the education of the Canadian population towards such a republican outlook through the use of various media, conferences, educational projects, and other means. The purpose of the Committee for the Commonwealth of Canada is defined as the promotion of the individual, both the living and posterity, in respect to those divine potentialities "imago viva Dei" which distinguish all living persons immediately from all beasts.

In February, 1984, the Committee issued a call for every able citizen to "stand up as one, and demand that our government set the proper policy course that would make available to Canadians... 'the means of rendering nuclear weapons impotent and obsolete' as President Reagan announced to the world, on March 23, 1983, the new strategy of energy beam defence systems.

"Such a strategy, while guaranteeing the continued survival of the human race, would generate the scientific and technological progress necessary to lift our nation out of economic depression, to cut the bonds of indebtedness and free the Third World from IMF genocide; in short, to provide the foundation for a flourishing cultural and technological renaissance world-wide.

"Therefore, I am calling upon every able citizen to run for political office upon the measures and policies that can save the nation and the world.

"We especially urge those patriots who are in moral agreement with this proposed Draft Constitution of the Commonwealth of Canada, to get in touch with us and join our forces to establish a new federal political party."

"Canadians must rise above routine issues and act to ensure that Canada joins a Community of Sovereign Nation States based upon a community of principle as defined in this Draft Constitution."

In the 1984, 1988 and 1993, the Party for the Commonwealth of Canada/Parti pour la République du Canada ran slates of over 60 candidates in those 3 federal general elections as an officially registered federal political party. In the 1988, the Party for the Commonwealth of Canada ran candidates in 5 provinces: Nova Scotia, Quebec. Ontario, Alberta and British Columbia.

In 1991, The Supreme Court of Canada rendered a judgment in favour of the Committee for the Commonwealth of Canada/Le Comité pour la République du Canada which became a landmark civil rights case in Canadian history: A victory for free speech for all Canadians and future generations, in what was the first Supreme Court judgment that recognized the right to exercise free speech in Canada in a public place (at the then Dorval airport) under the new Charter of Rights and Freedoms of Pierre Elliot Trudeau.


Le Comité pour la République du Canada a été fondé en octobre 1983. Ses Statuts et Règlements le définissent comme une association bénévole de gens résidant au Canada et qui adhèrent à la conception de loi naturelle et républicaine.

Dès 1981, les futurs fondateurs du Comité pour la République du Canada étaient tous engagés par principe à offrir aux Canadiens et à leur postérité quelque chose de grande valeur. Sur la prémisse de la réflexion collective la plus intense parmi celles qui furent entreprises au cours de ce siècle sur l'histoire, nous étions pertinemment convaincus que notre requête adressée à Lyndon LaRouche de bien vouloir nous assister afin d'offrir aux Canadiens le cadeau le plus beau, le plus approprié que nous puissions leurs offrir à l'époque ou le gouvernement canadien s'apprêtait à rapatrier l'Acte de l'Amérique du nord britannique : un projet de constitution républicaine pour le Canada.

" Le peuple du Canada a le pouvoir de devenir un flambeau d'espoir, d'établir un exemple vivant que d'autres peuples et nations puissent imiter de manière à réponde à leurs propres problèmes, développement et autres circonstances. "

L'objectif du Comité pour la République du Canada, en accord avec les principes de loi énoncés dans ce Projet de Constitution pour une République du Canada est l'éducation de la population canadienne par les médias, les conférences, les projets éducatifs et autres moyens afin qu'éventuellement elle puisse s'autogouverner selon ses principes. Le dessein du Comité pour la République du Canada est la promotion du développement de l'individu, à la fois de cette génération et des prochaines, quant aux potentialités divines " imago viva Dei " qui distinguent immédiatement toute personne véritable des bêtes.

Au mois de février 1984. Un appel fut lancé afin que les citoyens exigent immédiatement " que notre gouvernement effectue un revirement de politique afin que les Canadiens puissent bénéficier le plus tôt possible "... des moyens de rendre les armes nucléaires impuissantes et désuètes", tel que l'annonçait au monde le Président Reagan le 23 mars 1983, en présentant la nouvelle doctrine stratégique basée sur les armes à rayons.

" Une telle stratégie, tout en assurant la survie de la race humaine, donnerait naissance à un nouvel élan de progrès scientifique et technologique seul capable de tirer la nation de la dépression économique de briser les chaînes de l'usure et de libérer le Tiers-Monde du génocide imposé par le Fond Monétaire International, créant ainsi la base d'une florissante renaissance culturelle et technologique à l'échelle de la planète.

" J'enjoins donc tous les citoyens aptes à le faire à se présenter aux prochaines élections en prenant pour plate-forme les mesures politiques qui peuvent assurer la sauvegarde de notre nation et de la race humaine.

" J'exhorte tout spécialement ces patriotes qui se trouvent en accord moral avec ce Projet de Constitution pour le Commonwealth du Canada de communiquer avec moi et de se joindre à nos forces pour fonder un nouveau parti politique fédéral.

" Les Canadiens doivent s'élever au-dessus du quotidien et passer à l'action de façon à ce que le Canada contribue à établir une communauté d'états Nations souverains basée sur une communauté de principes telle que définie par le présent Projet de Constitution. "

Lors des élections fédérales de 1984, 1988 et 1993, le Parti pour la République du Canada acquérait le statut de parti politique fédéral dûment enregistré en présentant au-delà de 60 candidats aux élections générales, y compris dans 5 provinces en 1988 (Nouvelle écosse, Québec, Ontario, Alberta et Colombie Britannique).

En 1991, la Cour Suprême du Canada la plus haute Cour de justice du pays prononça un jugement historique de droit constitutionnel en faveur du Comité pour la République du Canada sur son droit à la liberté d'expression dans les endroits publiques (dans le cas présent, l'Aéroport de Dorval). Ce droit fut reconnu en plaidant un des articles de la nouvelle Charte des droits et libertés enchâssée dans la Constitution canadienne de 1982.

Who is Lyndon LaRouche?
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Qui est Lyndon LaRouche ?
(Cliquez ici pour ses écrits)

Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr. emerged, over the course of the 1970s and 1980s, to rank among the most controversial international political figures of his time.

This controversy, which also features such related issues as his efforts to destroy the international drug traffic and his initiating role in formulating what President Ronald Reagan announced on March 23, 1983 as the Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI), is principally rooted in not only domestic U.S., but, also, global political-economic issues.

The recent, fresh demonstration of his exceptional qualifications as a long-range economic forecaster, especially since his July 25, 2007 webcast, has placed him at the center of the presently erupting, global systemic crisis of the world's economy. Thus, the relevant resumé is that which helps to situate his career in terms of his actual and prospective role in dealing with that present global crisis. [Continue...]


Lyndon LaRouche est un homme qui, depuis plus de quarante ans, a pris ses responsabilités face à la défaillance de la caste politique américaine en s'engageant sur la scène publique nationale et internationale.

Economiste, mais pas dans le sens restrictif (universitaire) du terme, il conçoit l'économie comme une branche de la science physique, par laquelle l'homme transforme et améliore la nature afin d'en favoriser le peuplement. C'est au nom de cette conception anti-malthusienne qu'il dénonce la financiarisation de l'économie depuis la fin des années 50, prévoyant à neuf reprises le cycle de crises qui s'étend depuis lors, jusqu'à la crise systémique monétaire et financière internationale actuelle.

Ne se contentant pas de prévoir et de dénoncer, il propose chaque fois des solutions, dépendant d'une volonté politique et non de considérations techniques ou moralisatrices. [Suite...]