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18 avril 2014
  Friday international webcast with Lyndon LaRouche

17 April 2014
  Canada prepared plans for military intervention in Syria and is working on training rebel factions in ’leadership skills’

16 avril 2014
  LPAC Weekly Report : The New Paradigm for Mankind

16 avril 2014
RIA Novosti interroge LaRouche sur la crise ukrainienne

15 April 2014
  Obama Oil-Fracking Boom in the Dakotas Sucks up Rail Capacity; Stalls Out Shipments of Fertilizer, Food—a Wall Street Success!

11 avril 2014
Armes chimiques syriennes : Seymour Hersh démonte les mensonges d’Obama et de Fabius

10 April 2014
UN warns of Syrians drought crisis

8 April 2014
Seymour Hersh Exposes Obama’s Red Line And Rat Line

5 April 2014
European Criminals Are Flocking In To Join Jihad against Syrian Government

30 March 2014
Former Libyan Prime Minister Ali Zeidan Describes Islamist Control of Libya

19 avril 2014
Zepp-LaRouche sur China Radio International : concentrons-nous sur les objectifs communs de l’humanité

19 April 2014
Anti-Coup Donetsk Forces Refuse To Leave Until Right Sector Disarms and Coup Leaders Resign

19 avril 2014
Ukraine : et si on appliquait l’accord de Genève à tous ?

19 April 2014
Roving the Moon Is Harder Than It Looks, Chinese Explain

19 April 2014
  Canada to Build a Nuclear Industrial Park, Increase Cooperation, in China

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