Lyndon H. LaRouche
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Now More Than Ever: Listen to LaRouche

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SforS—My friend and collaborator Megan Dobrodt has just completed preparing the second volume of LaRouche’s writings for release. We are discussing the content of his work on music, poetry and statecraft. Treat yourself... and listen.

Those of us who have been out collecting signatures for ballot access have noticed that the American people are on edge — nearly hysterical in many cases. Between the multiple wars, the genocide in Gaza, and the hyperinflation here at home, with the Congress launching a full on assault on freedom of speech and association, the future is indeed in doubt.

Only one western politicial figure accurately forecast that this is exactly the crisis we would face, if no American president changed the fateful trajectory we’ve been on at least since the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. That figure was Lyndon LaRouche, who was also vilified and finally jailed by his political adversaries.