Strategic Defence / Défense stratégique
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Planetary Defence: An Extraterrestrial Imperative

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By Benjamin Deniston, Liona Fan-Chiang, Peter Martinson, Meghan Rouillard, Sky Shields, Oyang Teng


This present report is written against the backdrop of an ongoing series of writings by Lyndon LaRouche, and is the product of the collaboration of our Basement Team’s ongoing work with him. The fullest understanding of the following will be gained from a reading in the context of his current international efforts and writings. 1

Because the ultimate defense is progress.

The world’s population is still reeling from last year’s natural disasters. Japan, a first-world nation, was brought to its knees by a magnitude 9.0 earthquake and subsequent tsunami in March; the US faced a record number of weather-related disasters; East Africa was hit with the worst drought in over half a century, putting 13 million people at risk; and the list goes on. If we find ourselves so vulnerable to threats which should be predictable, what hope do we have in the face of threats never before encountered?

In one sense, such natural disasters cannot be separated from those of man’s making, such as the twin crises of the collapse of the trans-Atlantic-centered global financial system and the immediate specter of thermonuclear war. Both underscore the imperative to redirect global policy away from the contrived conflicts of oligarchical manipulation, which have ...

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