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The Biosphere vs. Obama

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This week’s editorial, was written by the Editorial Board of the Executive Intelligence Review (EIROnline) and appeared in the issue of February 3, 2012.

Why must President Barack Obama be removed from office, Constitutionally and immediately? Because his remaining in that office is inconsistent with the laws of the universe, specifically, as we lay out in our cover feature this issue, with the necessity for anti-entropic development, also known as progress.

If the narcissistic British puppet Obama is kept in office, he will lead the United States, and likely the world, into what can only be called an “extinction event.” It could happen in a number of ways, but we’ll here mention two potentials. First, he could carry out the British Queen’s mandate for thermonuclear confrontation with Russia and China, resulting in a devastation of the planet by war. Second, he could continue enforcing the British Empire’s genocidal, green economic policy, with an equally murderous result achieved through starvation, disease, and social chaos.

Some could credibly argue that the current crop of Republican candidates might carry out the same agenda. That simply raises the question: Is it better to die in a nuclear war started by Democrat Obama, than it is to die in one started by a Republican?

This would appear to be taking partisanship to the point of absurdity, don’t you think?

The fact is that it’s the British empire’s monetarist, free-market agenda which is incompatible with the requirements for the survival of human life on this planet. It is that argument which is proved rigorously in the latest presentations by LPAC’s Basement Team, through examination of the way in which the biosphere has evolved by the development of species with increasingly higher energy-flux densities, and then mankind himself has applied that same principle through developing increasingly energy-dense power sources.

Of course, this scientific truth goes directly against today’s Zeitgeist (itself the product of that British monetarist system), the Green movement. The Green movement, with its hatred of human beings and scientific progress and technologies with high energy-flux density, such as nuclear, is actually a movement in favor of extinction of the human species. The Greenies don’t always advertise the fact they want to kill off the bulk of the human race, but if you know anything about the requirements for long-term human survival, that’s exactly what they are doing. The fact is, mankind and his technological capabilities cannot “stand still,” in some kind of “sustainable” state. As a study of the biosphere’s progress shows, you either advance, or you die.

Obama, of course, always had the Green agenda, and his appointment of rabid Malthusian John Holdren as his so-called science advisor should have been a red flag. When Obama went ahead and killed the NASA manned space program, the case was conclusive. This President was out to kill the future of this nation, and the world.

You see, this is not simply a matter of opinion,or Obama’s personality, or habits. This President’s behavior violates the laws of the universe, and therefore he must be removed from power. There are others who share his genocidal beliefs, and they should be let nowhere near the Presidency. But it is Obama who is there now, and the power of his position holds the potential for creating a “mass kill” in the very immediate future.

We cannot rely on the biosphere acting for itself, of course. As the highest representatives of creation, mankind, we human beings are the agents who have to act. Remove Obama now!