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Canada and the War Drums against China

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Today China faces an existential crisis as a result of the collapsing world financial empire centred in “the City”. The British financial oligarchy will never allow Asian powers to dominate a collapsed trans-Atlantic world. They are therefore presently manoeuvring their American puppet, President Obama, into position for the launching of war against both China and Russia through americain thermonuclear brinkmanship.

Prime Minister Harper, presently in China for a five day official visit, is scheduled to meet President Hu Jintao and numerous Chinese government officials. Given a much heightened danger of nuclear confrontation in the coming weeks, it is incumbent upon Mr. Harper, as head of government of a G-8 nation, to do his utmost to lessen this world strategic threat.

Panda bears for Canada and future oil sales to China will do little to reduce the threat of thermonuclear confrontation!

What is required is for our Prime Minister to ‘break protocol’, express a genuine concern about the danger of general war breaking out and discuss with his Chinese hosts a Canadian government commitment to war avoidance policies. The most effective action for Canada to undertake in this regard would be to advocate and coordinate a global Glass-Steagall legislation with its close allies.

Such a commitment to global Glass-Steagall would certainly represent a serious contribution to world peace and would rekindle Canada’s reputation as an honest international ‘peace broker’ which has been lost in the course of Canada’s recent military adventures.

At a minimum, Canadians expect Prime Minister Harper and members of his Cabinet to immediately cease their participation in the ongoing propaganda war against China and Russia, which has now reached fever pitch in the trans-Atlantic community. Canadian government officials ‘know or should have known’ the British wartime modus operandi of fully activating its propaganda warfare machine against their enemy before launching an actual military assault.