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A Series of Strategic Studies in View:
The Week That Was

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

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Henceforth, with those prefatory remarks to open this week’s issue, The Executive Intelligence Review launches a new editorial policy. Henceforth, this weekly publication will be devoted to what are the challenge of the threat of general warfare, including President Barack Obama’s British-designed, lunatic adventure in Afghanistan.

For us, the term “strategic” is the proper name for our lament at that repeated folly of European civilization since the onset of the Peloponnesian War. Let us lament the fact that most of the wars which have been fought since that time, were set into motion by the folly of those stubborn fools who have conducted those wars against one another, wars which were designed, as by the Delphic Apollo cult, to give the victory to an a common enemy of the contending three parties. Such were the Peloponnesian wars themselves, or, more recently, the so-called religious warfare in Europe of the interval 1492-1648, or, the so-called “Seven Years War” which established the British East India Company as an empire, and as our republic’s most ancient living foe, in February 1763 Peace of Paris, a tradition maintained world wide, through the present moment to the present day these lines are written.

Strategy does not mean that wars will turn out as had been intended by their authors, either according to the witting architects of such conflicts, or their principally intended victims. Take the relatively recent case of the way Britain turned to what had been its long-standing, intended ultimate victim, President Franklin Roosevelt’s U.S.A., in 1940, a full year before our republic formally declared war, and justly so, against Britain’s enemies of that time.

A Britain which had assured itself that it would be parked safely, alongside its French and Belgian allies, at the so-called western wall, and thus kept itself outside the fray of war between a Nazi Germany — for a time, a war which had been organized for conflict with the Soviet Union, suddenly found itself outflanked by a French fascist plot which gave the victory over a militarily superior France to a relatively inferior Wehrmacht capability. Churchill thus found himself in the embarrassing position of running to the U.S.A., whose Constitution he hated, in pursuit of Britain’s rescue from that Adolf Hitler which British-led, Anglo-American, Wall-Street financier interests of those such as Brown Brothers Harriman’s Prescott Bush, had then, just recently created a decade or so earlier.

The fact was, that Britain’s reigning oligarchy, acting with Wall-Street’s assistance, had created Adolf Hitler and his regime as a product of the Versailles Treaty organization. This had been done with the intention of setting the continental powers of Germany and the Soviet Union into destroying one another. The goal had been approximately the same which Britain had intended later, under British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and her lackeys, President Francois Mitterand and the silly President George H.W. Bush. Thatcher et al. orchestrated, not only the ruin of virtually continental Europe, but, also, the U.S.A. itself, as through the intended outcome now, of what had become the clear intention of Mrs. Thatcher’s British Empire. She is out of the picture, but her legacy lingers, still today.

Toward the close of the 1970s and during the early 1980s, I had attempted, personally, to organize the prevention of what has since become the mutual ruin of continental Europe and our U.S.A. This occurred through my design for what Present Ronald Reagan adopted under the name of a Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI). The follies of the Soviet leaders of the mid-1980s, Yuri Andropov and Mikhail Gorbachev, were crucial in securing success for the British imperial interests, against those of virtually all continental Europe, as much as against the Soviet system which turned out to be the victim of Andropov’s and Gorbachev’s follies in the affair.

I consider the case of the follies of Andropov and Gorbachov on this account, as yet another of the not unusual kind among the follies of leading nations in known history. One should not assume, today, that resurrection will be waiting after he or she has already delivered one’s nation to something resembling a residence in Hell. Nonetheless, despite all that, I do as much as I can.

To bring the presently immediate strategic assessment into consideration, this past week’s British financial crisis, featuring a keystone role of Britain’s nominally Spanish puppet, Banco Santander, brings the world as a whole to the brink of crucial strategic choices, choices on which the fate of all humanity now depends for even the immediate future ahead.

Thus, my concern is for the safety of that necessary system of cooperation among the respectively sovereign United States, Russia, China, and India, now, before the otherwise inevitable general breakdown-crisis of the planet already in progress takes over the planet as a whole. Without that specific form of cooperation, of which I have called for action among a specific group of nations led by those four, there is not a proverbial “chance in Hell” that civilization as whole will not be plunged into a prolonged, planet-wide new dark age, worse than that which struck Europe during the medieval Fourteenth Century, if the present policies of the United States and the British empire are permitted to continue along their presently disastrous course.

Assess This Strategic Situation

It is to London’s credit, if in only a certain manner of speaking, that the British Empire appears not to have forgotten the lesson of its victory at Paris in the February 1763 Peace, the lesson subsequently spelled out by Gibbon’s advice to Lord Shelburne, in remarks accompanying the delivery of Gibbon’s Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire. Only the truly worst, or most damned of politically illiterate fools of the world, will insist, still today, that the British system is not that of a fully witting world empire.

Presently, Britain’s own, likely imperial misfortune, lies in what it chooses to overlook; it overlooks the fact that, in the inevitable, actual end-game built into Gibbon’s scheme, despite Gibbon’s prayers to the wasted soul of Julian the Apostate, the British system was, itself, ultimately doomed by the very same means it has achieved what it has considered its successes. By defining what was, in fact, a period of empire with finite beginnings and conclusions, it has written, with nothing other than its own hand, a prophecy of its own doom. They wished a Julian, and they received one, the British imperial monarchy of today. One could take the pathetic case of that Nero-like British puppet, the pathetic U.S. President Barack Obama, as a most relevant case in point.

For example:

The British empire’s most crucial victory of recent decades, has been the result of the successful assassination of U.S. President John F. Kennedy.

On that occasion, no one who should have acted, and was capable of having done so at the point of that assassination, was willing to move. The moral stuffing had been largely taken out of us during the nearly two corrosive decades since the accession of President Harry S Truman. Thus, the British interests and their assets within the U.S. government, adopted the prolonged U.S. land-war in Asia which President Kennedy, so advised by General of the U. S. Armies Douglas MacArthur, had stoutly, and rightly resisted, and it has been all the way, down, down, down, for the U.S.A. ever since.

France’s King Louis XI, the inspiration for England’s Henry VII, knew that lesson from European history far better than President Kennedy’s fear-struck successor.

Such are some lessons from the past. Now consider the present, and its possible future outcome in the light of the past. Turn next, to the rather important, but otherwise coincidental matter of the British puppet-institution known as Banco Santander.

This Past Week’s Santander Bubble

With the unavoidable shift of attention from the already ongoing threat of a breakdown-crisis which has been unleashed against targeted European Union member Greece, attention of all truly sentient European officials was turned to the real hot-spot in the crisis of the European system, the British empire’s Spanish-language asset, Banco Santander, and Santander’s London-steered, monstrously deadly real-estate bubble, a detonater which presently menaces the rotted foundations of the entire European monetary-financial system. With that development which brings the actual hyper-inflationary potential of the global situation of Brazil’s inflated mortgage system to light, the already expected general breakdown-crisis of the present form of the European system, had announced its arrival.

With that development, the world, whether for better or worse, will never be the same again.

Therefore, our attention must be focused on the subject of the so-called “BRIC.” The crucial question to be asked at the start is: Does the “B” in BRIC actually mean Brazil, or “B” as in “British Empire”? The latter, without doubt.

Before proceeding to the matter of the presently escalating monetary-financial crisis of the internal inflationary pressures radiating from London into the BRIC as such, we must emphasize the essential point, that there are actually two BRICs, the one representing the real physical-economic interests in common among the designated three nations, apart from the other one, the “B” which really means “British Empire,” rather than Brazil. It is the looming doom of the British Empire which is the crux of the matter.

The Strategic Issue

As the case of the successive, hyper-inflationary mortgage bubbles of the U.S.A. since Summer 2007, should have forewarned any intelligent observer, London’s britches are falling down. In fact, since the 1929-like New York Stock Market Bubble of October 1987, the international financial markets of the world at large, have been premised on the launching of an ultimately hyper-inflationary, Anglo-American-dominated financial bubble, marked by a merely nominal legalization, which has been based upon a vast, inherently fraudulent financial scheme classed under the rubric of “financial derivatives:” a scheme launched officially by then Chairman of the U.S. Federal Reserve System, the Alan Greenspan whose presence often made even sturdy women’s skin crawl.

The growth of this burgeoning bubble of essentially fictitious financial assets, which was steered and fattened through close collaboration between London and a thoroughly corrupted U.S. Federal Reserve System, could not be contained for long within the immediate bounds of the New York and London speculative financial markets alone. The first phase of the plague-like expansion of the bubble of purely fictitious monetary assets into broader speculative markets, was directed in early days into the so-called “Y2k” bubble driven by speculation in “information technology.” By Spring 2000, this bubble could no longer be sustained in that form. The need for a broader, post-1987-2000 base for this inherently reckless set of successive stages of speculation naturally settled itself around the neck of a broad-based real-estate speculation. Two terms of President George W. Bush, Jr., actually on the direction of louts of the like of George Shultz and Felix Rohatyn, steered a Vice-President Cheney‘s role through and beyond “9-11," and thus parked a global catastrophe on the new puppet-President Barack Obama.

To understand the effects of those 1987-2010 developments adequately, we must look back to the British “Schumpeterism” of the mid-1960s under that particularly disgusting British Prime Minister, Harold Wilson. Through the combined effect of the post-President John F. Kennedy war in Indo-China, and the “Schumpeterism” of Prime Minister Wilson, both the U.S.A. and U.K. economies experienced what was, in fact, a precipitous, post-Konrad Adenauer, post-Charles de Gaulle, post-John F. Kennedy decline in physical economy, a decline aggravated by an accompanying emergence of a form of the sickness of diseased Dionysian minds, which had become known as “environmentalism.” This lunacy featured a trend marked by the accelerating decline in the U.S. economy under President Richard Nixon, and the sheer “Laputan” lunacy conducted under the direction of David Rockefeller’s Trilateral Commission. In the aftermath of Soviet General Secretary Yuri Andropov’s accession, and the resulting suppression of the globally, economically positive Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI), the U.S.A. was in accelerating decline and the Soviet Union was left sliding into a virtual breakdown-crisis of the 1990s.

Looking back, briefly, to look further ahead, consider the following.

The death of President Franklin Roosevelt has been a setback for the hopes of all mankind; what happened with the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, was, in turn, already leading toward the probable ruin of the world’s economy as a whole. We have presently reached the rim of what is, in fact, that foreseeable present global catastrophe. It was inevitable, that with the precipitous. post-July 2007 decline of the U.S.A.’s (and also the trans-Atlantic world’s) physical economy, that the collapse of the monetary-financial system, unless it were suppressed by Glass-Steagall methods, must become the bubble which must ultimately lead into a presently immediate threat of a general breakdown-collapse of the worlds’ present monetary-financial system.

The crisis which struck Britain’s financial puppet, the nominally Spanish, more notably Brazilian, and politically British global real-estate bubble, represented by such as Banco Santander, should help us to unveil the true character of the presently onrushing collapse of entire world system.

The Crucial Economic Issue

It is time to cancel the rotten debts. Without the application of the global equivalent of a U.S.A. Glass-Steagall reform of each and all of the principal equivalent of the commercial banking systems and currencies of the planet, there is absolutely nothing standing in the way of a rapid passage of each and all of the nations of the entire planet into virtual Hell. All the fictitious nominal financial or comparable monetary assets of the planet must be cancelled, that according to the model standard provided by President Franklin Roosevelt’s Glass-Steagall reform.

For a clearer view of that prospect, compare the situation of the U.S.A. in Summer 2007, when I announced the already precipitous onset of the net decline of the U.S. economy which has been accelerating ever since, with the hyper-inflationary real-estate and related, inflated debt, throughout the relevant parts of the world generally, today.

Look at the persistent, and presently accelerating collapse of useful employment and production in the U.S.A. since Summer 2007, when I announced a global breakdown-crisis already under way, a breakdown which has continued and worsened, ever since, throughout all major parts of the world today. All contrary reports have been repeatedly shown, like the reports of the current Obama administration, to have been merely fantasies, or outright lies.

The present world crisis is not merely a financial or monetary crisis. It is a physical-economic crisis, in production, in productive employment, in health-care, in basic economic physical infrastructure, in education, and in net physical-capital investment per capita and per square kilometer. We presently inhabit a dying planet, which the U.S.A. and Britain have proposed to rescue from doom, by the curious choice of method, of destroying more and more of that employment, services, and basic economic infrastructure on which the very existence of civilized life absolutely depends.

There are some indicative, if limited, exceptional cases. The illustration those exceptional cases provide, are crucial in their importance.

The wonderful irony of it all, is, as I reported to my January 30th International Webcast, that the formerly leading part of the world, the trans-Atlantic part, has continued the collapse of systems of silly, masturbatory toys such as windmills and solar panels, toward the point of a physical breakdown-crisis, whereas the parts of the population of Trans-Pacific Eurasia which contain the great part of the poorest people of the world show signs of prospering. One should not exaggerate the benefit of the latter improvements, since, that part of the planet, taken by itself, is not sufficient to resist a continuing process of general physical breakdown of the planet as a whole. However, if they were joined by the early arrival of a post-Obama U.S.A., the combination of a cluster of nations rallied around the U.S.A., Russia, China, India, and their partners, would be sufficient force of economic recovery to save the world from the presently looming early horror.

As I emphasized in that recent Webcast, there is no real mystery about the advantages of the Asian alliance over the present Trans-Atlantic one now operating under British direction — downward! The key to this merely superficial anomaly, is that the trans-Atlantic region has veered into the looming doom of a “post-industrial” lunacy, whereas the Trans-Pacific region bases itself on a form of capital-intensive, science-driven development featuring nuclear-fission power and global/transcontinental high-speed transport and related technological development. The Asian advantage is, thus, nothing different than the principle of U.S. Secretary of the Treasury Alexander Hamilton’s Report on the Subject of Manufactures.

What must be genuinely new in the only recovery program which could save the planet from a virtual collapse into Hell, is the establishing of a global system of a fixed-exchange-rate credit system, one operating according to an equivalent of a Franklin Roosevelt style Glass-Steagall standard for commercial banking, with an accompanying emphasis on increasing use of nuclear and higher modes of power for production and operation of basic economic infrastructure. Mankind has no other choice than that. Without that change, the planet as a whole is about to be plunged into several or more successive generations of a planet-wide new dark age.