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California Scientists Promote Directed-Energy to Protect Against Objects Hitting Earth, Their ’DESTAR’ Concept — Recall the SDI?

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(EIRNS)—California scientists are promoting their plan for directed-energy defense of the Earth. The principle of "beam defence" — embodied in the 1983 SDI proposal, was put forward in a mass organizing way by Lyndon LaRouche more than 30 years ago, as "Beam Defence."

Philip Lubin, of the University of California Santa Barbara, and Gary Hughes, of California Polytechnic State University, are promoting what they call DESTAR — Directed Energy Solar Targetting of Asteroids. Though deriving from solar energy, they consider that it could be scaled up, into a massive phased-laser beam array, so that it could protect against such large objects as the 2012 DA 14 asteroid which flew by Earth Feb. 15. Their concept is to conduct an "evaporation" process on the target asteroid or comet. They are receiving widespread attention, e.g., Los Angeles Times (Feb. 16), today’s Fox News, and describing their plans. [MGM]