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Does the Harper address to the U.K. Parliament forebode a commitment to join a British condominium for war in the Middle East ?

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Stephen Harper’s recent foreign summit attendance or his cancellation of his attendance at another summit certainly foretells of the prime minister’s intentions as regards shaping policy towards a more prominent future role for Canada on the world political stage.

But is the prime minister’s vision oblivious to the hard historical evidence regarding the rabid Malthusian ideology of the Windsor royal household? Is the prime minister blinded by his admiration for all things monarchical?

We can only presume that his admiration has not yet reached the point where he will share in the criminal mind-set and partake of the genocide policies uttered by H.R. Highness and her consort Philip Mountbatten .

The world political stage, upon which our prime minister wishes Canada to play a larger role that its middle-power status has traditionally assigned to it, is presently primarily determined by the strategic effects of the ongoing financial breakdown of the globalized British Empire centred in the ‘City’ with its satellites in Wall Street and other financial centres. The attending questions are how the Empire reacts to this breakdown, and what options are available for the Empire to survive and what duties will Canada be asked to perform in the attempts to urgently salvage the remains of imperial power ?

The recent twitter announcement from the PMO’s office that the prime minister will be addressing a joint session of the U.K. Parliament on June the 13th is therefore significant in view of the attempts to rescue the British Empire.

To be clear, let us not mistake the real centre of power of the British Empire with the subservient role that Prime Minister Cameron and his government are asked to perform in rallying allies for war and imposing domestic economic fascism. With empathy towards the suffering people of the U.K., our hope for them is that, through an international mobilization, they may soon be able to free themselves of the worldwide oligarchic system that Queen Elisabeth, the ‘empress’ of the empire, oversees from her location in the U.K. and that they will eventually also have the opportunity to elect a genuine representative government “of the people, by the people, and for the people.

But it remains the case that both the Tony Blair deployment across the Middle East and the present attempts by U.K. Prime Minister Cameron to use the Middle East as a ‘cockpit’ for a larger war are key components of the British Empire’s geopolitical strategy today. The early 20th century British Empire had also used its useful fools in a similar fashion, in the Balkans ‘cockpit’ that became the fuse that ignited World War I.

One must keep in mind the relevance, even today, of Winston Churchill’s view that with ‘British Brain and American Brawn’ we can rule the world. Barack Obama was chosen for the presidency because he fitted the bill that required a defective personality with strong anglophile affinities. Barrack Obama, up until the moment the Empire decides to get rid of him remains the key international British pawn whose control of the U.S. strategic arsenal, as the U.S. commander-in-chief, is necessary for the Empire to attempt an ill-advised thermonuclear brinksmanship against Russia and China.

Our Canadian Prime Minister might feel temporary blinded by the honour of having been chosen as the second prime minister, and the first in 70 years, to address the U.K. Parliament. (The first was war-time Prime Minister Mackenzie King who was quite transformed by the honour bestowed upon him, as he himself recounts in his diary entry for May 11, 1944). But with a major war now in the planning stage, an address before the U.K. Parliament has nothing to do with honours or a perceived gain in popularity ratings or favourable press reports back home. This has nothing to do with our prime minister showing a fondness for British institutions, like many other Canadian citizens of British descent!

This has to do with the deadly business of war preparations and our prime minister being primed, starting on June 13th., to join in a murderous enterprise, that will be judged to have been much worse than those crimes that were judged at Nuremberg, once the British Empire manipulates Barack Obama, its American anglophile stooge, into escalating the coming war into its thermonuclear brinksmanship phase.

A renewed British-American-Canadian (BAC) joint condominium for war is in the making and therefore this so-called ‘honour’ bestowed on our Prime Minister, to speak before the assembled Lords and MPs in London must be denounced for what it really is and countered with the only comprehensive policy that defines development as the new name for peace. And today that can only be understood to mean the scientifically and politically sound approach put forward by Lyndon LaRouche in his three point international program :

An FDR-style global Glass-Steagall system that establishes a network of Hamiltonian National Banks authorized to issue large amounts of productive public credit for international projects of infrastructure capable of reasserting the inalienable rights of man, everywhere on the planet and, eventually, across the entire solar system, as man eventually attains a level of freedom that will allow him to reach out to the stars and fulfil his true destiny as a space-faring species !
May 23