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Obama Killer Biofuels Program Pushes Sugar and Energy-Beet Ethanol, Along with Corn, Sorghum, Soy Biofuels

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(EIRNS)—The Obama push for more food-for-fuel, in service to the British green-genocide "renewables" drive, also features sugar cane and "energy beets," as well as corn, sorghum and soy. Already, 40% of U.S. corn output, and 48% of Brazil’s sugar cane crop go for ethanol; the London/Obama policy is to push for burning up even more food, and farm capacity.

On June 27, the White House Office of Management and Budget released details of their sugar-for-ethanol program (formerly known as the Feedstock Flexibility Program, contained in the 2008 farm law under George W. Bush), to the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA). Under this plan, the USDA is to be empowered to buy up any (cane) sugar pledged by sugar producers as collateral for Fed loans, but nearing forfeiture, from the low sugar prices, in the unregulated food commodity markets. The USDA can then sell this sugar as ethanol feedstock to foreign or
domestic ethanol firms. The USDA final sale would be at a loss, but, it is argued, this is better than acquiring sugar through forfeiture; and it will increase ethanol.

Among the factors you are supposed to blame for the apparent "glut" of sugar on world markets (even while people go hungry), are such things as the surge of Mexican sugar cane production, too many good harvests around the world, and similar "markets" malarkey, etc. Prices for sugar have plunged.

Royal Dutch Shell is a world leader in sugar cane ethanol, and in the forefront of pushing for more ethanol production and international trade. Shell’s big operation in Brazil is called Raizen, a joint venture there, with annual production of over 2 billion litres of ethanol from sugar cane. They intend this to double by 2015.

Sugar beet ethanol is also being pushed. The U.S. center is in North Dakota, where field trials are underway for the best "energy beet" to use. "Energy beets" are beet varieties bred for producing the maximum sugar per unit area, instead of the usual sugar beets developed to maximize traits for quality-table sugar—sucrose and minimal impurities; or otherwise, for livestock feed.

The seed cartels—Monsanto, Syngenta, et al.—the cartels—are focussing plant research into breeding fuel traits into food plants, such as Syngenta’s "Enogen" corn, which produces its own enzyme needed for processing corn for ethanol. (mgm)