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Hitlerite Big Lies about Fukushima: What’s the Truth?

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The mainstream media in the United States is pouring out blatant lies about the alleged threat posed by the damaged Fukushima Daiichi reactors in Japan, diverting people’s attention from where it should be. The real threat that a large population faces in the Unites States’ West Coast along the "ring of fire," is the impending earthquakes caused by galactic activities of which we know very little. Instead of urging the authorities to evaluate the threat scientifically and take measures against monster earthquakes, and whatever else that follows, the media is dishing out lies about the pseudo-danger posed by the crippled Fukushima Daiichi reactors.

To begin with, the reactors never posed any serious threat to anyone. All uranium fission reactions in all six reactors were either stopped for maintenance before the earthquake, or had been stopped by inserting the control rods right after the earthquake. Since then, all 6 reactors have reached the cold shutdown or the operational temperature.

What ensued after that was the release of radiation in the atmosphere. As expected, right at the emission point the radioactivity was high, but then it dissipated in the air, causing no death or illness in an event where almost 25,000 in Japan are either dead or still missing, due to the earthquake or tsunami.

The media feeds on a generation of people who have moved away from studying science and who are focused on making money through selling items, or participating in a speculative market, or work on other white collar jobs. The fact remains that not a single person has either died because of the crippling of the reactors, nor is there any likelihood of any such death occurring. The only ones who are encountering any high dosage of radiation are those engaged in cleaning up the plants, wearing protective gear. But, then again, in functioning nuclear reactors, there are personnel who are trained to work in the "hot areas" for a specific period of time annually. That’s what these workers are doing.

The media lies take many forms. One such was the report that the Tokyo Electric and Power Company, which owns and runs the Fukushima nuclear complex, found a "trace" of plutonium, a highly unstable element, in the vicinity of these reactors. At the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee hearing on March 29, Peter Lyons, Acting Assistant Secretary of Energy, Office of Nuclear Energy, pointed out that such "traces" can be found anywhere, including in Washington, as long the quantity remains undefined.