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Ireland : ’a flame that may illumine and invigorate the world’

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This editorial was written on December 22, 2010

The British Empire, in its present-day manifestation as the Inter-Alpha Group of Banks, is now collapsing. The financial meltdown could reach its critical point during the New Year’s Holiday period, even before the bankruptcy waves of this British consortium reaches the beaches of Spain in the early weeks of the New Year.

Given the history of the Irish people’s courageous resistance and the key battle victories against the Brutish Empire, it is very likely that the Inter-Alpha’s latest looting expedition against the Republic of Ireland will become the Empire’s last stand.

Shelley’s Address to the Irish People

In 1812 Percy B. Shelley traveled to Ireland where he personally distributed his “Address to the Irish People” [1] in the streets of Dublin.

In his Address, the 20 year-old freedom-loving English poet already announced, in broad strokes, what would become, nine years later, his immortal gift to an imperiled world, his A Defence of Poetry [2].

“I have told you what I think upon this subject, because I wish to produce in your minds an awe and caution necessary before the happy state of which I have spoken can be introduced. This cautious awe is very different from the prudential fear which leads you to consider yourself as the first object, as on the contrary it is full of that warm and ardent love for others that burns in your hearts, O Irishmen! And from which I have fondly hoped to light a flame that may illumine and invigorate the world.”

Shelley who had enthusiastically embraced the ideas of the Constitution of the United States understood that the general welfare clause must be the bedrock upon which any future Irish Republic must be built.

Shelley exhorts the Irishmen :

“ But if a number of human beings, after thinking of their own interests, meet together for any conversation on them and employ resistance of the mind, not resistance of the body, these people are going the right way to work. But let no fiery passions carry them beyond this point; let them consider that in some sense the whole welfare of their countrymen depends on their prudence and it becomes them to guard the welfare of others as their own.”


“ Prudence and wisdom are very different things. The prudent man is he who carefully consults for his own good; the wise man is he who carefully consults for the good of others.”

Nearly 200 years have now passed since Shelley wrote an Address to the Irish People. In the course of Irish history, many important battles were waged, including the attempted naval invasion of Ireland by Wolfe Tone [3] to support the Irish republicans and provoke a general uprising against the British, the polemical attacks on the British aristocracy by Leibniz-ally Jonathan Swift [4] and Sinn Fein founder Arthur Griffin’s usage of the political economic principles of German-American economist Friedrich List to educate the Irishmen on how to defeat the British invisible hand behind Adam Smith’s free-trade slave system.

When Shelley bid farewell to his Irish brethren on February 12, 1812, he wrote :

“Adieu, my friends! May every Sun that shines on your green Island see the annihilation of an abuse, and the birth of an Embryon of melioration! Your own hearts—may they become the shrines of purity and freedom, and never may smoke to the Mammon of unrighteousness ascend from the unpolluted altar of their devotion. ”

The Irish Independent : “ We Need to Find Our Roosevelt ”

The Irish Independent recently declared that Ireland needs its own Franklin D. Roosevelt to implement a “New Deal” for Ireland: “The parallels between the tasks facing Roosevelt after the Wall Street crash and our present predicament are obvious.”

Whoever leads the next government, writes The Irish Independent, either the center-right Fine Gael or a center-left coalition with the Sinn Fein, Labour and Independents, “somebody needs to step up to the plate, raise their game and inspire us.”

After quoting a retiring politician that “now is the time for something other than politics,” it concludes: “We need our own Roosevelt to emerge to make this happen.”

We Are All Irishmen!

Today, the British Empire’s number one enemy, economist, statesman and American Prometheus Lyndon LaRouche is poised to administer the final deadly blow to the Inter-Alpha hydra using the sharp edge of a Roosevelt-inspired global Glass-Steagall.

We have now reached a period in history that Shelley, in 1821, discussed in the last paragraph of his celebrated A Defense of Poetry. A period in which “there is an accumulation of the power of communicating and receiving intense and impassioned conceptions respecting man and nature. The persons in whom this power resides may often, as far as regards many portions of their nature, have little apparent correspondence with that spirit of good of which they are the ministers. But even whilst they deny and abjure, they are yet compelled to serve the power which is seated on the throne of their own soul. ”

Therefore, let us mobilize to have the patriots of Europe and the Americas declare war on the British Empire by demanding the passage of a global Glass-Steagall. The Irish saved Civilization several centuries ago, now is the time to offer succour to the Irish so that they may, once again, become “a flame that will illumine and invigorate the world.”

Gilles Gervais
President of the Committe for the Republic of Canada

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