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In a August 17th. news item entitled “Pakistan disintegrating : 30 years of war destroyed ability to deal with flood disaster”, (1) LaRouchepac briefly reviewed how three decades of British imperial warfare against that nation has rendered it incapable of dealing with the most destructive floods in its recorded history :

“ Lyndon LaRouche pinned the Anglo-Saudi imperial apparatus, for conducting all-out cultural warfare against Pakistan, by promoting and funding fundamentalism and boosting the Taliban insurgency.

“Pakistan is still suffering the effects of that British operation, and the divisions among provinces and ethnic groups is severely hampering even emergency operations to deal with ongoing flooding, which now covers about 160,000 square km — 20% of the country. The Pakistani Army, which is running the daily effort to rescue and feed hundreds of thousands of flood victims, is also continuing its war on insurgents:

“The Foreign Minister of Pakistan Shah Mehmood Qureshi told the press on August 17th that he fears that the growing desperation of flood victims could play into the hands of extremists, but troops fighting insurgents in the north will not help against the flood. "We have moved additional troops to southern parts of Punjab and the provinces of Sindh and Balochistan. We are not going to permit militants to take advantage of this situation," he said.

“Pakistan has been used as the base for military/insurgent operations into Afghanistan from the time of the Western-run mujahideen insurgency against the Soviet occupation throughout the 1980s. Warfare and opium trafficking only worsened in the past 20 years, and the NATO Afghan war is now also being fought out directly in northwest Pakistan — an area badly hit by the flooding. Pakistan is under heavy pressure from NATO to expand that warfare.

“The disaster is not over. The upper reaches of the Indus River are at very high levels, and more water will flood into southern Pakistan in the coming 4-5 days. Karachi, Pakistan’s biggest city and port, with a population of over 18 million, could be flooded as the water moves downstream in Sindh province. An additional 10 million flood victims could be moved to Karachi, a city already in constant conflict due to ethnic divisions and the effects of the regional opium war.”

The worst floods in Pakistan’s recorded history

The latest figures provided by the United Nations, as reported on August 17th in La Presse, the Montreal french language daily, are that the floods have as of now killed more than 1600 people, affected over 20 million people including 6 million, half of them children, who face immediate danger now from water-borne diseases. 723 000 houses have been destroyed or damaged, 253 bridges and 360 roads cannot be used or only partially. Over 3.2 million hectares of farmland are flooded. Another source reports that the destruction of crops not only means hunger and potential starvation for a large segment of the population, but also hyperinflation as prices skyrocket.

Sabotage by Britain’s Prince Philip’s World Wildlife Fund and the International Rivers Network has increased the number of Pakistan’s flood victims (2)

The building of the long-awaited Kalabagh dam, has been sabotaged by WWF-Pakistan which is against the construction of dams and restoration of rivers because according to them, “river basins are at risk from further dam development.”

The Kalabagh dam must be built in order to make the Indus River System of water management and flood prevention efficient. This esssential project has been on the drawing boards for the last 40 years ! (3)

With the emergence, in the 1970’s, of “globalization”, the new name for the British monetary looting schemes centered in the “City“, came also the creation of the modern-day international environmentalist movement by the financial oligarchy. Throughout history, back to nature movements such as the World Wildlife Fund were always used as a battering ram against science and technology and human progress in general. It has been the publicly stated objective of Prince Philip (4), the co-founder of the World Wildlife Fund with former Nazi officer, and now deceased, Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands, to reduce the world population to the level of 2 billion people or less!

To develop South Asian nations we require a global Glass-Steagall and the launching of NAWAPA

The United States has to impose a Glass-Steagall standard on the entirety of its’ commercial banking sector. Not a so-called modernized version of the 1933 Roosevelt era legislation, but the exact same law ! This should be immediately followed through by other countries initiating similar legislation.

The effect of such legislation would be to get rid of all the toxic paper which is choking the world commercial banking system and make financing available for the urgently required infrastructure projects in Pakistan, South Asia and all over the world.

Presently the world’s dominant banking group, the British-controlled Inter-Alpha monetarist interests leads the pack in insuring that the few investments that are made in Third World countries are in accord with the policy guidelines set forth in Sir Henry Kissinger’s notorious 1974 NSC memorandum, NSSM-200, of drastically reducing the population levels of key Third World countries. This includes Pakistan, which was one of the key countries targetted by Kissinger in that NSC memorandum.

It also has become public knowledge that Henry Kissinger personally threatened Prime Minister Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, just before he was executed, because he dared to challenge Kissinger’s masters in London, the new gods of the financial Olympus, by bringing fire to the Pakistani people in the form of a comprehensive nuclear energy program for the country.

The United States urgently requires the launching of the North American Water and Power Alliance (NAWAPA) which is defined by Lyndon LaRouche as :

“A science-driver program for sending the potential standard of human life on this continent to heights of productivity for the continent as a whole, bringing the progress of the human condition to levels which could not have been imagined by our leading political institutions during the just-concluded, ruinous thirty-odd years. It is somewhat like the TVA during its germ-conception under President Franklin Roosevelt; but, its practical implications, presently, for the remainder of this presently still young century, are those of a leap upward in the preconditions for human life beyond anything dreamed as possible during the Twentieth Century.” (5)

In fact, according to a recent LPAC study : NAWAPA : The Tennessee Valley Authority of the 21st Century :

“The NAWAPA program places the United States on the direct path to more ambitious development programs which will carry the U.S., and the world, into prosperity through the coming generations. From NAWAPA we can see the Bering Strait rail tunnel project, connecting Alaska to Russia, linking the two great landmasses of the globe with high-speed rail transit. There are many other projects which can be successively brought into operation, all of which will be necessary.”

For example, in Russia, the NAWAPA science-driver project is being carefully studied by Russia’s nation-building faction of scientists, engineers and politicians which is historically identified with the great early 20th. century Russian science figures Vladimir Vernadsky and Dmitri Mendeleïev. These networks understand the building of the Bering Strait Tunnel and the development of the mineral-rich northern regions of Russia as being the keystone of Russia’s future.

Similarly, in China, an enormous engineering endeavour called the Move South Water North (6) project is now underway.

In India, the long-awaited large water management and flood control system on the Ganges-Brahmaputra river would complement the needed additions to Pakistan’s Indus River System. Both would immediately be launched under the provisions of a new international fixed-exchange credit system that Lyndon LaRouche has proposed be initiated through a treaty agreement between the United States (freed of President Barack Obama), Russia, China and India.

The time has now come to free mankind from British imperial warfare !
The time is now, during the months of August or September !

Gilles Gervais
President of the Committe for the Republic of Canada

Notes :

(1) Pakistan Desintegrating : 30 Years of War Destroyed Ability to Deal With Flood Disaster

(2) Since most of Pakistan is arid or semi-arid land and its economy is based mainly on agriculture and related industries, the Indus River System of water management and distribution serves a vital national role. The Upper Indus River Basin stretches from the Karakorum and Himalayans mountain ranges in the North. Ninety percent of the water flowing through the Indus River System comes from remote glaciers in these High mountain ranges.

The waters irrigates 80% of Pakistan’s 21.5 million hectares of farmland, through a network of man made canals which is the largest in the world : that network has three major reservoirs : Tarbela, Mangla and Chashma. It also includes 19 barrages, 12 inter river link canals and 43 canal systems. More than 107,000 water courses. The aggregate lenght of the canals is 60,376 km. In addition, farm channels and field ditches cover another 1.6 million km.

The river flows are uneven and vary greatly. High to low flow is 100 times. This high flow variation requires large storage dams to use the water throughout the year.

The problem lies with the other 20% of the available water, which is fed by rainfall and mostly in the 70 to 100 days of the monsoon season (July to September).

(3) One is reminded of how the British dealt with Sudan, from the time of “Chinese Gordon” and “Kitchener of Khartoum”, to the overthrow of President al-Nimeiri and the closing of the nearly completed Jonglei Canal and to the fraudulent British-instigated ICC charges against Sudan’s head of government today.

(4) Statement by Helga Zepp-LaRouche during the recent Copenhagen Summit : “Genocide! Who are the 3 billion individuals who are to be eliminated ?”

(5) A recent document of LaRouche dated 08-15-10, “Learn from NAWAPA: Mind or Body ?”

(6) LPAC news (08/09/10), “Challenges facing China’s Great Water Transfer Project”.