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Open letter to Canadiens

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“ To be both a patriot of one’s nation and a world citizen.”
- Friedrich Schiller


Now we must mobilize to defeat the British empire. These are indeed “times that try men’s souls.” Many nations on this planet have already fallen into chaos. Many others, including Canada, are threatened in the short-term with shutting down and ceasing functioning as efficient nation-states as a result of the acceleration of the world’s economic breakdown crisis.

What is the thinking citizen to do in such a situation?

Only scientific ideas about the economy could make a difference. Some of these ideas have been put to sleep under dusty book covers since the 19th century America of Alexander Hamilton and Henry C. Carey. The Platonic method of hypothesis that underlies creative scientific breakthroughs is never outmoded, be it in the domain of the economy, of classical theatre or of classical composition in the well-tempered mode of Bach, Mozart, and Beethoven. What is outmoded, criminal and life-threatening are magical dogmas in economy like “free trade” or “cost effective research” in health-care.

The historical truth is that the Adam Smith dogmas, and those of his modern day epigones like John Maynard Keynes or Milton Friedman are not only now discredited for all to see, but they were never anything but clever sleight of hands tricks performed for their oligarchical masters running the monetarist Anglo-Dutch Liberal System.

Monetarist dogmas served for much too long as the “theoretical” underpinnings for all manner of schemes, Ponzi and otherwise, to try and resuscitate a monetarist system that died two years ago exactly on this date! Let us bury the dead and not get superstitious or mystical if you happen to see the deceased do a dead cat bounce.

The time has now come to implement LaRouche’s Hamiltonian credit system, first in the United States, then to extend it, by treaty agreement, to Russia, India and China. This Four Powers Agreement should pack enough demographic and political muscle to carry the world to victory against the globalized British Empire of today.

Africa: the moral test for western Nations

The IMF-dictated economic genocide especially against the nations of Africa is condoned by impotent Western political gestures which allows the genocide to continue unabated. This moral indifference betrays an unprecedented lack of political leadership.

Such a moral failure in the political leadership of advanced sector nations has now taken its toll on the populations of Western Europe and North America. In both Canada and the United States legislators are writing euthanasia legislation that totally ignores the Nuremberg Code, as well as the general welfare of their citizens. The pride of Canadians, their universal health-care system, has been allowed to wither away through a lack of leadership in Ottawa and a murderous cost-cutting accounting mentality which is now rampant in provincial capitals. In the United States, Congressmen are cowering before President Obama’s and his Administration’s henchmen’s attempt to impose an unconstitutional, Hitler-inspired “T-4” “cost effectiveness research” health board that would decide which American lives are “unworthy to be lived”, and who gets medical treatment and who doesn’t.

It is now time for organic leaders throughout North America to take up responsibilities for national and international policy.

The present period Presaged by Percy B. Shelly

If many people’s watches are now set at the eleventh hour, there are very large segments of the world population who have no watch but whose time is up or is critically close to midnight.

Canadian citizens must rekindle their courage and realize that an ominous period like ours also represents one of these rare moments of history, as the English poet Percy B. Shelley writes appropriately, in which a people experiences “a greatly increased capacity for imparting and receiving profound and impassioned conceptions respecting man and nature.”

In such rare intervals a great people rises for a time above the preoccupation with the immediately personal and local concerns of the ephemeral mortal lives of each, and locates its most immediate sense of self-interest in the condition of the world and nation bequeathed to its posterity as a whole.

A canadian website to mobilize against the British Empire

It is with these lofty thoughts in mind that we proudly present to Canadians a re-established but new Canadian website where you will find the rich harvest of ideas from generations past which can be used as intellectual weapons to launch war and defeat the British Empire of today; so that the courageous battles won by our intellectual forebears, the great Erasmian movements of the sixteenth century England and France, typified for France by Henri IV, Richelieu, Mazarin, Colbert and the Oratorian teaching order, and for England, by Thomas Gresham, William Brewster, John Milton, John Winthrop, and Jonathan Swift, shall not have been in vain.

The time has now come for Canadians to forge a lasting bond in terms of this common Erasmian heritage, to achieve a unity of purpose and make an effective contribution to the freeing of that large portion of mankind still living under the yoke of the present day British Empire.

Britain delenda est.

Gilles Gervais


Committee for the Republic of Canada