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Escalating sanctions against Russia are part of a British Empire war drive to force Obama into thermonuclear confrontation

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(CRC)—The sanctions against Russia orchestrated by the British Empire and its NATO allies has only one strategic goal: To force its marionette President Barack Obama into a strategy of continuous and escalating confrontation with Russia which, if not soon reversed, could lead to the USA launching thermonuclear war.

That is the game plan into which most governments, including Canada, have blindly fallen into. One hundred years after the British Empire planned “the Guns of August” which killed over 60 million people, will we again fall victim to a British geopolitical strategic bluff, this time menacing the extinction of the whole human race through a “Missiles of August” miscalculation?

Prime Minister David Cameron and NATO’s Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen met August 4 at NATO headquarters in Brussels to plan an important general meeting of all NATO countries September 4th to prepare a strategy of military containment of the Russian Federation.

Two of the components of this will be the increased defense expenditures by all NATO member states, and increased commitment to defending NATO’s Eastern European members by, among other things, the increase in the strength of NATO’s rapid reaction force to 25,000 troops”.

Internationally there have been several warnings over the recent days and weeks as to the urgent necessity to pull back from the abyss. One such analysis came from former German Secretary of State in the Defense Ministry Willy Wimmer. Another warning came from a group of former defense and foreign ministers and security experts from the European Leadership Network. A nuclear war as the result of a quasi-mistake is absolutely possible, they said.

Pressures to wage war against Russia remain unabated

In the United States, writing for The Nation on July 30, Katrina vanden Heuvel and Stephen F. Cohen in their joint article, “Why Is Washington Risking War With Russia?” pointed out that not just the new Cold War, but plans to start an actual war between U.S.–led NATO and Russia around Ukraine is under way.

In Russia, from the May 3, 2012 warnings of then-Chief of the Russian Armed Forces General Staff Gen. Nikolai Makarov, to the late January report “Defense Reform as an Integral Part of a Security Conception for the Russian Federation: a Systemic and Dynamic Evaluation”, by Russia’s new policy-shaping group, the Izborsk Club, to the recent evaluation of Russian General Valery Gerasimov, the current Chief of Staff, to the Third Moscow Conference on International Security of May 23, where Gen. Gerasimov detailed the course of war through Colour revolutions, with Ukraine as an example, it is quite clear that Russia has to prepare to fight a thermonuclear war.

Lyndon LaRouche’s evaluation is that the Russians are in a prewar mode. They are not going to provoke war, but they are not going to put up with it either.

That is why the sanctions against Russia must be condemned in the strongest possible terms and lifted immediately. In the United States, the surest way to prevent a thermonuclear war is to impeach President Barack Obama, and then proceed to build cooperation with the BRICS countries around Lyndon LaRouche’s Four Laws which can uniquely save the United States from a worsening economic nightmare and prevent a “Missiles of August” British scenario from being actualized.

Gilles Gervais