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Discovering LaRouche’s Method: A New York Class Series on Economics

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The crisis facing especially the future of the United States, and the possibilities opened by the global revolt against the British System, require the creation of a real leadership in the American population. Without that development, whatever the Trump Presidency might do for the better is unlikely to succeed. Leadership in this context means an in-depth comprehension of the policies and method of the one figure who has foreseen the nature of the crisis and the solutions required, and has at the same time the respect internationally among nations such as Russia and China, Lyndon LaRouche.

Therefore, beginning Saturday, February 11, 2017, LaRouche PAC will present a 12-part series on LaRouche’s Discoveries in physical economy and the method that produced them. This will include classes on the unity of science and art, with presentations by Helga Zepp-LaRouche on Schiller and choral director John Sigerson on music. Other classes will include members of LaRouche’s research group.

February 18
Part I:
The Mind and Universal Creativity
by Phil Rubinstein
February 18
Part II:
The Basis for LaRouche’s Successful Forecasts
by Phil Rubinstein
March 18
Part III:
Tuning the Mind for the Music of Classical Poetry
by John Sigerson

Short demonstration of Einstein’s non-existence of simultaneity.

Presentation slides (pdf)

Changing Nature

March 4
Part IV:
Non-Scalar Economic Value of Discovery
by Jason Ross
March 11
Part V:
Motivführung 101: Introduction to the Haydn-Mozart Revolution
by John Sigerson

The musical examples used in the class Part V can be found here:

March 18
Part VI:
Tuning the Mind for the Music of Classical Poetry
by John Sigerson
March 25
Part VII:
Principles of Fundamental Scientific Discovery
by Ben Denniston
April 1
Part VIII:
Our Anti-Entropic Universe
by Ben Denniston
April 8
Part IX:
The Economic Value of Infrastructure
by Jason Ross
April 15
Part X:
A Fusion Driver Crash Program: Upshifting the Human Species
by Megan Beets