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Class #2 What is Geopolitics, Part I—History

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Harley Schlanger, representative of the Schiller Institute and spokesperson for LaRouchePAC, will discuss the sordid history of global geopolitics in the second of our 2018 Class Series. Featuring excerpts from Lyndon LaRouche’s landmark 1999 video presentation, Storm Over Asia, Harley will show how the modern design of the doctrine of geopolitics comes directly from the British Empire’s attempt to sustain itself through global permanent warfare. This geopolitical view—the Hobbesian view that we are animals in a jungle, engaged in a battle of "each against all"—exists in existential conflict with the view of the New Paradigm: win-win global collaboration. You must register to get access to the reading material, the email updates, the homework, and special registration-only classes.