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Schiller Institute Weekly Webcast
Banker’s Coup in Italy Won’t Stop Rebellion Against Bankrupt Empire

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SI—Last week, on her webcast, Helga Zepp-LaRouche pointed to the Italian crisis as a moment of truth. Would the failed bankers running the ECB overturn the results of the recent election, in which the former governing parties were smashed by a revolt of the voters, who are sick and tired of austerity and lies from their government, and bailouts and bail-ins for the banks? She said the rejection by voters of the former major parties all across Europe, combined with the Trump victory in the U.S. and Brexit, have sent an unmistakable signal, one likely to again be rebuffed by the arrogant would-be Masters of the Universe, who preach "democracy" to Russia and China while running coups against democratic choices in the U.S. (Russiagate) and in Italy.