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LPAC Class Series No 3
Thermodynamics of Political Economy (July 6/7)

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In this class we will challenge the fraud of second law of thermodynamics (entropy) which claims that the energy of an economic system necessarily runs down and will put forward, in contrast to that false ideology, the concept developed by LaRouche that the universe is not a closed thermodynamic process, but that both human existence as a whole as well as living processes are in fact anti-entropic.

This class will focus on Nicolaus of Cusa’s proof that the circle cannot be squared as maintained by Archimedes and that π is not an irrational number but rather a transcendental number. This discovery by Cusanus leads through Riemann and Cantor to the concept of the ontological transfinite, the notion that successful human economy is a continuous manifold of successively higher economic platforms. This class will be given by Will Wertz.