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LPAC Class Series No 7
Wages and Population (August 3/4)

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If the economy is not expanding anti-entropically, the reduction in wages leads necessarily to cuts in the quality of life of pre-school leaving age and retirement-age segments of the population including cutbacks in quantity and quality of medical services.

One critical cutback is a reduction in the fecundity of households. What begins as a cut in the birth rate leads towards euthanasia. Thus, acceptance of post-industrialism and limits to growth, the invisible hand of the market place, usury, etc., all of which are based on the acceptance of entropy, leads to a culture of death. To reverse this trend in the trans-Atlantic region, LaRouche proposes that we must prevent overhead expenses from growing, increase the ratio of workers employed in capital goods production to at least 50%, reduce the percentage of the labor force employed in raw materials production, increase the absolute size of the labor force, tax the gains of usury to the point of extinction, increase the tax deduction for dependents by taking into account the required birth rate, and increase the number of scientists and specialists in research and development to 5%. In short, we must increase the species of singularities in an anti-entropic self-development of the productive process. This class will be given by Will Wertz.

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