Lyndon H. LaRouche
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Who is Lyndon LaRouche?

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Updated September 24, 2018

LPAC—LaRouche’s economic breakthroughs have provided him a unique ability to foresee economic crises and to provide solutions and superior policies for the future. How did he forecast the 2007–08 economic collapse when nearly everyone was caught by surprise? Why is this man, who ran for president seven times as a Democrat, defending Donald Trump? For what reason did developing nations’ leaders—such as the president of Mexico and the prime minister of India—promote his ideas, while George H.W. Bush had him thrown in prison? What benefits can an understanding of his method proposals bring us today?

Untold funds have been expended by LaRouche’s opponents on Wall Street and in the City of London to defame him, alternately calling him unimportant and the most dangerous threat to the established order. Learn the truth in the above video, and please make a generous contribution to help defeat empire for good!