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President Putin Celebrates Cosmonautics Day, Exhorts Youth To Reach ‘Ambitious Goals’

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EIRNS—Every year on April 12, Russia and space enthusiasts around the world celebrate the world’s first manned space flight by Yuri Gagarin, on that date in 1961. This year, addressing the First in Space gala at the Kremlin, President Vladimir Putin stressed the qualities it took to accomplish that first manned mission, that the Russian space program is once again on the road to new scientific and technological developments, and that making breakthroughs in the future requires educating the young people who represent the “continuity of generations” in Russian cosmonautics.

“The people behind our space triumphs set big, forward-looking goals worthy of a great country. They took risks, achieved technological breakthroughs, worked hard and set an example of self-sacrifice and true love for the Motherland. Thanks to their courage and bravery, scientific genius and inexhaustible faith in human capabilities, we were the first in space....

“We must keep up with the fierce and growing competition, focus on solving complex challenges, and align the education system, science, and industry to this end. Today, to be in the lead, to be leaders on Earth it is necessary to be leaders in space. Therefore, I am deeply convinced that space exploration is a major area for national development, a source of both unique personnel and our own technology and, importantly, in the most diverse areas...

“It is necessary to expand the exploration of distant space and flight programs, and not only automatic, unmanned flights but certainly those with human participation. It is necessary to reach new frontiers to attain these goals. I am primarily referring to the development of a next generation manned craft and a super heavy rocket, advanced engines and materials.

“I am convinced that scientists, engineers, designers and the aerospace industry as a whole are ready to respond to this challenge. To accomplish this, they have a powerful technological base, remarkable human potential and the ability to offer bold, unconventional solutions.

“This is borne out by the recent successful launch of a [Soyuz] spaceship that, having made two circles around the Earth, delivered a payload to the International Space Station in just 3 hours and 21 minutes. This is not just a world record but also a prelude to new opportunities to work in orbit.

“And, of course, our competitive advantages lie in the continuity of generations. I would like to emphasize again that we will provide all the necessary assistance and support to the development of Russian cosmonautics. I wish all those who are now working in the space industry and those who want to be a part of it, primarily young people who dream of the stars and long exploration flights, great success, and to be the first in any job, and by all means, to be the first in reaching the most ambitious goals.”