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LaRouche PAC Fireside Chat
Now is the Time to End the Sorcerer’s Spell and Take the Country Back Larry Johnson, Bill Binney & Barbara Boyd Blast Russiagate Fakery, Highlight GCHQ Role in Coup

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Sign our International petition, We want Trump to declassify all documents relating to the UNITED KINGDOM interfering in our elections.
- LaRouche PAC’s April 25th Fireside Chat featured former NSA Technical Director Bill Binney, Larry Johnson formerly of the CIA and the State Department’s Counter-Terror Unit, and Barbara Boyd, LaRouche PAC’s author of the Report, Robert Mueller is an Amoral Assassin, He Will Do His Job If You Let Him. They discussed Robert Mueller’s entirely nonsensical report trying to justify how he spent $35 million investigating Russiagate when it was known from the beginning that there was never any conspiracy between the Trump Campaign and Russia.Instead, there was a concerted effort from British and American intelligence agencies to smear Donald Trump as a Russian agent, a full-scale escalation of that effort involving multiple FBI, CIA, and GCHQ components when Trump became the Republican nominee, and the explosion of a coup attempt against the incoming Administration when Trump won the Presidency. This operation has dangerously imperiled relationships between the world’s two great nuclear powers.