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Extinction Rebellion, Fridays For Future Mobilized on Amazon Issue, Prey on Vulnerable Youth

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EIRNS—The Malthusians in Extinction Rebellion (XR) and affiliated FridaysForFuture movement of brainwashed youth are fully mobilized around the issue of Amazon fires, although it has been shown that the fires are at about the average for the past 15 years. Since Aug. 23, they and like-minded groups have held protests in front of Brazilian embassies and consulates in cities around the globe, under the slogan “Rebel for the Amazon: Our lungs are on fire!”

In their call to arms last week, the XR website urged all to “stand in solidarity with all those who suffer because of these fires. The indigenous peoples, their land, their homes, their way of life are being destroyed by this.” These protests will feed into the Youth Climate Strike and Climate Action Week planned for Sept. 20-27, with Greta Thunberg as their star.

There is a particularly vicious aspect to these actions, in which vulnerable teens are targetted to feel powerless and grief-stricken over what is supposedly happening to the climate—literally driving them into depression. An Aug. 26 Jerusalem Post article printed a tweet from one young protester who announced, “I haven’t slept for two days. I’m so scared, and I have the right to be that. The indigenous people in the Amazon. I am with you, I’m scared for you. Your future is disappearing right in front of you and I can’t do anything.”

At an Aug. 26 XR protest in front of the Brazilian Embassy in Washington, also joined by the Sunrise Movement and DC Climate Strike, protesters were urged to express their “climate grief,” and to hold an “Amazon grief-counselling session.” Groups of three or four people formed to grieve over the environment together, and one young activist was so overwrought that she burst into tears. These “end of the world” cults are being treated as legitimate in nearly all media coverage.

An Aug. 23 article in The Cut documented the confessions of a youngster in Southern California who reported he “started waking up in the middle of the night in fear of climate change.... Every day I discovered around me new signs pointing to the death of the world.” The solution? See a climate therapist, to help “avoid the terror of climate change.” This therapist explained that denial of climate change had created a “massive lack of solidarity on the issue among family members, friends.” To deal with the grief, she proposed that one could ask family members to take a pledge, “a kind of climate-change-awareness pyramid scheme, so they could have a way to share their pain and let them feel bad together.”