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A Descent into Chaos, or a New Paradigm

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LPAC—The reality that the Western financial system is in a state of crisis is now openly acknowledged in all the Western financial press, and the responses from the financial elite demonstrates the level of panic they are experiencing. Bank of England chief Mark Carney’s proposal to replace the dollar with Facebook’s libra cryptocurrency is only the most bizarre and most destructive.


President Donald J. Trump, joined by Secretary of Health and Human Services Alex Azar, announces $1.8 billion in funding for State Opioid Response Grants Wednesday, Sept. 4, 2019, in the Roosevelt Room of the White House. (Official White House Photo)

But the popular press (what Trump has labelled the “fake news” media) is not informing the general public of this precarious condition, while the President’s backing of “helicopter money” through negative interest rates and QE will simply make the bubble bigger. His effort to keep things afloat until the 2020 election through the printing press is doomed to fail, and, if the bubble bursts before the election, his election chances may be doomed as well.

And yet the new paradigm designed and promoted by this organization over these past 50 years is coming into being across Asia, and the U.S. could easily join in the process. Today in Vladivostok, President Vladimir Putin and Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who is the chief guest at the Eastern Economic Forum taking place from Sept. 4-6, issued a joint statement with 81 points, including: cooperation in nuclear development; space cooperation; expanded Indian investment in the Russian Far East and the Arctic; expanded collaboration between Russia, China and India through the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO); and “an equal and indivisible security architecture in Asia and the Pacific region.” Only a geopolitician in the mold of the British Empire could see this as a threat to the Western nations, rather than an open invitation to bring all nations together in a new paradigm for peace through development.

This is the necessary antidote to the rapidly escalating green-fascist movement to shut down industrial and scientific progress under the scientific fraud of anthropomorphic climate change. The abused children being terrorized and brainwashed into believing the doomsday cult mantra—that the world will be destroyed if human progress and population growth are not drastically reversed—must be provided the means to disabuse themselves of this dangerous and evil lie, and develop their creative powers.

President Donald Trump’s single most important policy—his revival and expansion of President Kennedy’s visionary crash program for space exploration—is the necessary means to both expose the lies of the eco-fascists that there are “limited resources” on Earth which are being used up, while also inspiring our youth to grasp the beautiful world which can exist in the context of mankind realizing its true destiny, to bring dominion over the Earth, the Solar System and beyond.

To bring this vision to the next generation, the Schiller Institute is holding international days of action on college campuses, on every continent, during the week of Sept. 9-13. A leaflet written by Helga Zepp-LaRouche, founder and president of the Schiller Institute, titled “International Call to Youth: ‘The Age of Reason Is in the Stars!’” is being translated into multiple languages, to facilitate the intervention of creative reason and the spark of renaissance thinking in youth throughout the world.

Bring the space-faring nations of the world together—U.S., Russia, China, Japan, India, Europe, and more. We are one race, with sovereign nations, with a single human destiny: To master the laws of the universe, ever more perfectly, with our eyes on the next 100 years, and the next millennium.