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Mr. President: Mike Pompeo Is Lying and—Like Others—Setting You Up, Outflank Them with LaRouche

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LPAC—On Friday, according to news reports, President Trump will be briefed by many who are in a full mobilization to engage the United States in yet another Middle East War.

Iran and Saudi Arabia have been in a British instigated war over the future of Southwest Asia, misnamed the “Middle East,” by the British Empire, for years. The Sykes/Picot agreement drafted by the British and French colonial powers ensured that this region would be a permanent cockpit of conflict. Presently, it is engulfed in a low intensity religious war within Islam itself, between Shia and Sunni participants, inhabiting, respectively, the British colony known as Saudi Arabia and the British infiltrated nation of Iran. This has devolved into a hot war by Saudi Arabia on the Houthis in Yemen, killing thousands. Now, those who demand President Trump’s downfall whisper and opine he must attack Iran because Iran attacked a Saudi oil facility which is already back on line. They say the attack, “threatened the world economy” and was “an act of war.” Make no mistake about it, this is a full scale press for disaster by the war hawks of Washington, although the President is so far resisting.

Lyndon LaRouche, were he alive, would counsel taking the flank and revealing all. President Trump should tell the American people what happened on September 11, 2001 and how Robert Mueller covered it up. He should tell the American people, the history of this war which they are trying to suck us into. LaRouche presented a great deal about this here.

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We should, instead, work with Russia, China, and India to develop the world, including stabilizing Southwest Asia, while understanding that the British imperial financial system is fatally flawed and teeters on the edge of an implosive collapse. As opposed to what Mike Pompeo says, that is the real threat to the world’s economy, not Saudi oil capacity, hit as the result of the extant war between Saudi Arabia and Yemen and other unsettled strategic issues in this troubled region.

The looming financial catastrophe is why the globalist imperial order is heating up every area of the world which they have crafted as invariable areas of cultural and religious conflict, trying to suck President Trump, like other American presidents, into war on behalf of their interests, not our interests. The United States needs to be rebuilt, quickly, constantly. We need modern infrastructure. We need industry. We need Project Artemis, the President’s crash program for Moon/Mars. We need the implicit crash program for fusion power nested within that Moon/Mars proposal. If they succeed in taking this President out this way, the future of those forgotten Americans he has fought so hard for looks very bleak indeed.

Call the White House to endorse President Trump’s statement: “Only Weak Nations Engage in Endless War.” We are not a weak nation. TheWhite House comment line is 202-456-1111 and is open from 9-4 Eastern Daylight Time.