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LaRouchePAC Fireside Chat
What You Are Hearing Are the Real Reasons the War Mongers Want Trump Out; They Want War.

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LPAC—Two State Department officials, William Taylor and George Kent, testified in the impeachment charade yesterday and their perversity was missed by almost everyone. Tucker Carlson touched on the actual issue briefly in coverage last night. He put up campaign clips of President Trump in 2016 vowing to get along with the Russians and said, here’s the reason for all of this. It’s a policy fight about war and peace in which the unelected State Department and intelligence community policy committee wants war while Trump seeks peace.

The same Democrats who jump to their tune have signed a letter asking that the Azov Battalion, the Ukrainian neo-Nazis used by Joe Biden and Victoria Nuland to stage the coup in Ukraine, be declared to be a terrorist group. That is the same Azov Battalion which the State Department witness George Kent, yesterday compared to the Minutemen of the American Revolution, without any comment by the mad impeachment Democrats. As if to underline the point, Kent then launched into a hymn to his professor, Zbigniew Brzezinski, and Henry Kissinger, the British agents and war criminals who played hugely significant roles in destroying the United States.