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Cultural Foundations of a New Community of Principle Among Nations

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On April 21, Russian President Putin warned that certain "red lines" are being crossed by actions of western forces, which threaten Russia’s security and sovereignty. If this continues, it will force Russia to respond in an "asymmetrical, swift and tough" way. Yet, as he stated, as such hostile actions toward Russia have become commonplace, "Everyone pretends nothing is happening." Fortunately, there are some voices in the West speaking out, including Tulsi Gabbard, Dr. Lyle Goldstein, and Helga Zepp LaRouche. A Schiller Institute online conference will be held on May 8, to mobilize the forces to intervene into the strategic crisis, and allow the population to break out of the present trajectory, which is shaped by City of London and Wall Street geopoliticians and neoliberals. This Saturday’s Town Meeting is preparatory to that conference and will equip you to organize others to attend.