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Will Afghanistan, The Graveyard of Empires, Become The Cradle of Peace Through Development?

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This week Manhattan Project meeting is featuring Hussein Askary, Harley Schlanger and Diane Sare.

TLO—Just as the attempt by the forces running the British Empire to establish and maintain a global "Rules-Based Order", through applying an imperial strategy they named "geopolitics", failed in Afghanistan in the 19th century, so the replay launched in the late 1970s until the present has once again failed, disastrously, as the U.S. and NATO forces retreated this week, under the cover of night. The failure in the 19th century did not teach the world a lesson, as allowing the imperial oligarchs to apply the same geopolitical theory led to two bloody and destructive world wars in the 20th century — which many believe, with some validity, was precisely their intention!

Have we not learned the lesson yet, that submitting sovereign nation states to geopolitical practices deployed on behalf of imperial ambitions threatens the survival of mankind?

This time, we have an alternative: dump geopolitics and adopt Lyndon LaRouche’s approach to peace through development. We must act now, as we may not have another chance.