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Manhattan Project at 2pm EDT
The Future Belongs to the City Builders, Not the Malthusians!!

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TLO—Register for the August 14 LaRouche Legacy Foundation conference here.

In the next 50 years, the adoption of LaRouche’s revolutionary idea of the Development Corridor will become the dominant principle of human and planetary evolution. The export of cities, rather than commodities, to other nations, and the interaction with and movement of humanity and life to nearby planetary bodies, will mark a transition from human pre-history to the beginning of true human civilization. China’s Belt and Road Initiative, while it is an approximation of the LaRouche idea, is only the first step in establishing hundreds of new cities, powered by nuclear fission and ultimately thermonuclear fusion-centered complexes and their derivative industries. These will act as the modular centers for successive scientific and technological revolutions that provide the springboard for the exploration and navigation of the solar system, itself a prerequisite for the cultivation and civilization of humanity and the natural world as a whole.